Sunday, October 01, 2006

P4 Month in Review: September

Sat.03: Chad and Son of Chad do a lost spoof.

Sun.04: Chad's tribute to

Mon.05: Man in Fire answers more fan mail.

Tue.06: Man appears but refuses to answer the mail. But the fire was especially big on this one, due to a good "air supply".

Wed.07: Chad gets nostalgic about "Better off Dead" and Mr. Vintage makes his very surly Plan 4 debut.

Thur.08: Chad gave an instant buzz phrase template. Virgin is the new whore, good one.

Fri.09: Chad measures the pros and cons of being a celebrity. Ever since the debut of the mouse movie, we've been on the Q list, nice, working our way up. Be sure to catch us next week, on the way down.

Sat.10: Chad discusses sailing and, well, math. What a friggin nerd.

Sun.11: August recap.

Mon.12: Todd's YouTube premiere. The one that started it all off. "The Stick"

Tue13: Another YT post from Todd of the great vacation prank hatched by Chad.

Wed.13: Mr. Vintage wastes NO time making his own YT video.

Thur.14: Chad and Mr. Vintage collaborate on a post.

Fri.15: Chad rants about Trailer city and poor customer service. Blog Post is the new Shooting Spree.

Sat.16: Chad discovers that Red Bull gives you, not only wings, but penis envy.

Sun.17: Reports of Man in fire's death are greatly exaggerated by Mr. Vintage in a YT post.

Mon.18: Chad fights to the finish, coz he eats his spinach.

Tue.19: Todd wonders how the Parker Bros. can live with themselves, after their years of carnage.

Wed.20: "LAST DANCE" After a long post-production period, the long awaited world premiere of Todd and Chad's first short feature. We had a location, a cast, even craft services, if you can call a bag of and a bottle of craft services. This was the defining moment for the month of September. we know that the movie is not going to win any awards unless they give awards for most homages (rip-offs) in a 7 minute short, but we are proud of it nonetheless.

Thur.21: Chad fans the flames of the E Coli scare. And takes a lame shot at or , I'm not sure which.

Fri.22: The Crying Indian makes a return and appears in a YT post about the dangers of litter in our atmosphere.

Sat.23: Todd digs up some old relics from an old school "blog".

Sun.24: Chad reminds us about the Misfits of Science and how there really is nothing new under the sun.

Mon.25: Todd is "outed" by Mr. Vintage.

Tue.26: The one where Chad posts a picture of his album of Racist Ring tones.

Wed.27: Chad's confession of his ill-gotten calc watch and his intentions to make amends. Good on ya Chad!

Thur.28: Chad steals from Todd or Letterman, I'm not sure which.
Fri. 29: Todd got a new job, no post. Chad had soccer games to attend, no post. Mr. Vintage was three sheets to the wind, thank goodness, no post.

Sat.30: Todd ended the month with a little nostalgia about his Saturday
morning cartoon regimen from when he was a kid.

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