Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The one where Chad gets sick

I had one of those moments today. One of those “Boy am I glad it's Thursday and I'm almost done with the week” moments.

For those of you who are calender aware you'll note that it is not Thursday but rather Wednesday. What a kick in the teeth that was. Now I feel more miserable and more sick. I hope I don't come up to an old building thats on fire with kids trapped in it. I don't think I could get Johnny out after the beam falls on him. Sorry Johnny your going to die. In the end, that's o.k. because you die anyway and Dally might no knock off that liquor store.
Oh boy, I can see I'm fading in and out of fiction / nonfiction here so I better go. I also have to put my ping pong ball helmet on, take my motorcycle and go find an Aspirin for Keith. Then Ron and Hermione and I need to go to Narnia, where the red fern grows, and pick up some dog bones for Sounder.

I wanted to save this file as wed/thur but could not because the slash made it look like it was a path to a directory. Ack, how did I not know it would do that? And man, I hate that when I copy and paste from into blogger it freaks out. If it does this time, I'm leaving it.

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