Monday, October 09, 2006

The one where Chad speaks ill of Columbus Day

Before I go off on Chris C. I would like to take a moment to pause and reflect on North Korea and its new toy. The rest of the blogosphere is doing it, I should. Hold please.

Ok. The hold please was for me to step away from the keyboard and get punched in the face for using the word "bl*g*sph3r3" I hired this guy months ago to take a whack at me when I use it. Glad he's earning his keep finally.

On to Korea. I have a neighbor who has a very loud street bike. This neighbor likes to ride his street bike right when I want to go to sleep at night. He races it about a mile away and then races back. I think from the sounds of it, he's testing it. Well, his testing pisses me off. Up and down the street, that bike just blatting away. The one consolation is that I know he'll probably leave a bolt loose and injure himself on the bike. Same goes for North Korea. Someday, somebody is going to leave a spanner wrench in the nose cone and blamo. No more annoying neighbor. I guess its not exactly the same. But thank goodness he's no nuclear scientist.

Ok, on to Columbus day.

I hate Columbus day. What's the point?

Columbus was just doing his job. He was an explorer, he had that queens money and he did what he was supposed to do. Enough. It should be noted that he found a continent that already had people living on it. Ask them how that "Find" turned out for them.
I do my job every day and I do it moderately well. Where's my holiday? And why does Sears think that a Columbus Day sale is going to make me want to buy a new washer? Hey, when I want a new washer or some over priced electronics I'll come see you on my day .
We really should be celebrating somebody like Curt Schilling. I know, it was two years ago. Come on, his foot was bleeding. How many of us show up to work like that? None. Yes, yes, I know about the special woman time. Curt Shilling should be taught right along side of all those other important people.
What are we teaching our children when we lift up someone like Christopher Columbus and we give him his own special day? A better choice might be Captain Jean Luc Picard. That's another guy who deserves a day of his own. Man, he went above and beyond his day job that for sure.

How'd you like how I went a little off the deep end with the Picard reference? I went loopy with Curt but the Picard was just for that extra umph.

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