Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The one where Chad just uses old material.

If life is life a movie script mine must be some kind of art film because I don't get it.
If life is a movie script mine must be some kind of bad porn. Its got no plot and no sex.
If life is like a movie I wish mine would be corporate funded.
If life is like a movie I hope mine isn't a documentary about cults and mass suicides.

I stood frozen in the snack section and starred at the gunman who was waving his weapon around madly. I feared for my life. Would this be how it ended, a spectator in a madmans game? Suzanne Vega's "Luca" came over the Muzak. "I really like this song" I said to myself. Without reason, I reached over and grabbed a Little Debbie fudge round. I slowly opened the plastic wrapper. The cellophane crackle attracted the attention of the gunman. Hey you! What do you think your doing? I put the snack cookie in my mouth and mumbled, "I'm going down with you".


JasCon said...

Apparently you've been planning your defection for a while.

D. Todd Erickson said...

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Swill Rogers said...

What do you mean 'no sex'?! You've got ten kids!

Todd said...

My life was a movie once. But just don't ask me what it was.