Monday, October 16, 2006

The one where Chad is still sick and posts anyway

I've been starring at this empty text field for a while now. I tried to get my creative juices flowing by doing a google image search for some cool G.I. Joe toys. I searched for some, but as cool as they were it just didn't happen for me.

Why is it sickness never makes you have enjoyable symptoms? You never hear anyone say, "I got a cold and whenever I cough I smell turkey cooking" or "I had a wicked headache but when it was gone my vision was corrected."
I'm sick and my stomach feels like some bored kid is inside of it and he's jabbing a sharp stick into the lining of my gut. He's just sitting there, he could leave and go do something else but he's just jabbing that stick. Friggin kid.
I was waiting for my stomach to act up. I've had nose grease draining down my throat for a week. Eventually the food hole says "nuh ah" to that much grossness.

Ok, I need to go do something else now.

*edit* 7:30 Turns out it wasn't a lazy kid poking me in the stomach wall, it was some bananna. I feel somewhat better now.

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