Saturday, September 30, 2006

The one where Todd re-hashes Saturday mornings long past

I am sitting in front of my computer, delicately sipping a mug of Peet's coffee( freshly ground Major Dickanson's Blend). It is Saturday morning, and I am remembering my Saturday morning routine from when I was a kid. I used to wake up early. I was only allowed to stay up until nine on Friday night before. Right after the Dukes of Hazzard, just to give you an idea of what period we are talking about here. Of course, if you were a regular viewer of the show, you just called it "the Dukes." The appeal of Saturday morning was, of course, the cartoons, or just kids' shows in general. In the early morning hours around five or so, the major networks have not started up their day yet. Nevertheless, a few local stations had some great local programming. If you are not from around here, you will have no idea what I am talking about. However, I am sure there is some show you remember that brings back the same kind of memories. Channel 5, which is still an ABC affiliate, in fact, it was one of the few to survive the carnage of Rupert Murdock, media gangster. At 5am they had a show called "Jabberwocky." I really don't remember much about it. It had a puppet with a big beard and dark skin, and it was a bilingual show, sometimes it was all in Spanish. After that, it was on to channel 6, which did not survive the carnage. They are previous CBS affiliates that are now an ABC affiliate. They had a great show, I don't remember the full title, all I know is it was Captain Bob, and it was a "learn to draw" show. I loved it. Unfortunately it is not still being run. He was pretty old back then and I found out that he passed away a few years back. I can affirm that my love for art was started there. I still love to draw. I have to credit my grandma and great grandmas' creative spirit, and their encouragement in artistic endeavors, for my love for art, them, and Capt. Bob. I then traveled up the dial, way up to the, then unaffiliated, now a UPN, UHF channel 38, for Scooby Doo. There was Shaggy: goatee, baggy pants, always had the munchies; just what was in those Scooby snacks? Come on, it was obvious. Of course, at the time I was too naive, it was years later before I solved that mystery. Early morning was a time for older cartoon shows too. Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, Mighty Mouse, Tom and Jerry, Casper, Rocky and Bulwinkle, Mr. Magoo, Flintstones, Jetsons and of course Hanna-Barbaras' World of Super Adventure. Many shows came on after that; the networks were all fired up and pumping out cartoons and kids shows like crazy as well as syndicated favorites. There were shows for boys, like Voltron, Transformers (they're more than meets the eye, and waaay better than Go-bots) and G.I. Joe. There were shows for girls, like Strawberry Shortcake, The Care Bears, and Jem (although I have to admit, I watched that one. Remember the Misfits, the rival band? I never understood why they couldn't just battle it out with record sales, like real rockers.) However, most of the shows appealed to both boys and girls. Kids Inc., Zoom, Bugs and Daffy a.k.a. Looney Toons (loved Wyle E. Coyote and the Road Runner) were good. How could anyone forget the commercial bumpers like "The more you know" on NBC, and ABC's "School House Rock" (without question, the best). I liked The Smurfs, and later the spin-off, the Snorks. There was Muppet Babies (puppets made into cartoons), Vegetable Soup (cartoons made into puppets). The Super Friends were the main event as far as I was concerned. I also loved to watch Land of the Lost, Shazzam and many other shows. I imagine that Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids came on around 11:30 because by the time the Brown Hornet came on, Daddy came home from his half a day on Saturday. He always made us grilled tuna sandwiches (no fluff on Saturdays). That was always a treat. I remember later in the afternoon when the national networks would shut down and the local ones stopped playing cartoons too. You knew it was over when channel 6 started showing Professional Bowling. However, no need to fear, there is still UHF. Channel 56, then unaffiliated, then turned into a WB hackfilliate, now a CW. Every Saturday afternoon WLVI56 had "The Creature Double Feature." Three and half to four hours of monsters, monsters, monsters. There was Godzilla, Mothra, and all of them. And there were movies that involved the "Big-inating" of any creature. Like The Giant Gilla Monster, or ones that had giant ants, or a spider, or any other giant anything really. Any go-motion-heavy film was what they showed on the Creature Double Feature. That was the routine; it changed from week to week, but only slightly. I don't know what I did after the CDF, I can't remember, I guess I just went out and dug up big rocks, or something.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The one where Chad does a top ten

I posted this once twice three times. Blogger ate it then puked it back up again. If this post sucks, thats why. Not me.

I never write top ten lists because I can't come up with that much funny stuff. I didn't this time either.

Top Ten rejected desserts for the Thai leadership

1. Coupcakes.
2. Coupstard
3. Insurrection Pie
4. Coup d'etat flambe
5. Prime Mister upsidown cake.
6. Coup Lime Pie
7. Peach Pecan Coupbler
8. Chocolate Chip Coupkies
9. Coupberry pie
10 Lemon Couprangue Pie

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The one where Chad repents

I have still not received my Counting Crows “August and Everything After” CD. If you remember, I wrote about it a while ago. It was stolen from my wedding reception 10 years ago. I thought I'd get the ball rolling.

I stole something when I was in the third grade. It was sometime in the neighborhood of 1983 or 84. I was always a decent kid I think, I didn't normally steal or go out of my way to cheat somebody out of something. It just sort of happened. We were lined up at the doors ready to go out to recess. A teacher commanded our attention and asked a simple question.
“Did anyone lose a watch on the playground?

I don't know why, but I raised my hand and said I had. I hadn't.
She then asked the logical thing of me. “Can you describe it?”
I blurted out, “Yeah, it was a calculator watch. She reached in her pocket and handed me a calculator watch. No more questions. I was not the owner of an ill begotten calculator watch. What were the odds? In hindsight, quite high as the 80's were prime time for calculator watches.

It goes without saying that the real owner found themselves missing a watch. The lie got deeper and deeper and I found myself worried sick about. I'm sure the watch had been a gift and I knew they missed it. I didn't know how to get out of the lie. I never got caught. To this day I still feel bad about claiming the watch. I also remember who it had belonged to. With that said, I'm buying one on Ebay right now and will seek out this person, 20+ years later and give it to them. Heidi G. Prepare to get your watch back.

Yeah, I know there are some nicer more expensive watches. I'm just trying to replace one I took, not become a friggin saint. Oh yeah, I'm also going to give it to them after I'm done using it in a couple shots for a short I'm working on. I got it used in 84' so will they!

The one where Chad posts a picture

My thoughts on this 78rpm album cover.

1. You can't do that any more.
2. Thankfully

I personally found this offensive but not so offensive I can't look at it and get a good laugh. As much as society sucks, we have sucked worser. Man, can you imagine the fallout today if this was "Mohammed sings songs for little American Infidels?"

It could have been this moment when America changed course.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The one where Chad chides NBC

I have been reading some reviews for the new NBC SCIFI show, "Heroes".

I liked it better when it was called "Misfits of Science".

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fake news by Chad #11

Patient Zero has been found in the frightening E-coli scare. Investigators have narrowed the hunt for the source of the deadly bacteria to one man. Todd Eberson, a migrant worker from Massachusetts working in southern California spinach packing plant. As it turns out, Mr. Eberson's lack of personal hygiene is the cause. For the few weeks he worked at the unnamed plant, Mr. Eberson had not been washing his hands after using the bathroom. When asked why he wasn't cleaning his hands he stated that the soap the company provides makes his hands dry and itchy.

“If it was such a big deal to wash my hands, why didn't anyone tell me? We should have seen a video on that or something.”

It is not known at this time whether charges will be pressed against Mr. Eberson. He has since been shown the video and is under strict bathroom use monitoring.

The one where Todd makes a PSA

As part of the Atlantis mission, they were deploying a spokesman for the Ad Council. They were shooting a PSA about the dangers of space pollution. People caused all that space trash and people can stop it. Atlantis stopped over at the International Space Station to pick up "native-american" Vinny "Iron Eyes" Cody and shoot the spot during a space walk.


Fake news by Chad #11

Patient Zero has been found in the frightening E-coli scare. Investigators have narrowed the hunt for the source of the deadly bacteria to one man. Todd Eberson, a migrant worker from Massachusetts working in southern California spinach packing plant. As it turns out, Mr. Eberson's lack of personal hygiene is the cause. For the few weeks he worked at the unnamed plant, Mr. Eberson had not been washing his hands after using the bathroom. When asked why he wasn't cleaning his hands he stated that the soap the company provides makes his hands dry and itchy.

“If it was such a big deal to wash my hands, why didn't anyone tell me? We should have seen a video on that or something.”

It is not known at this time whether charges will be pressed against Mr. Eberson. He has since been shown the video and is under strict bathroom use monitoring.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The one where Chad makes the same Chavez joke again

I'm so stupid. I spelled Chavez, Chaves "s". I had already pinged Technorati. I'm posting this again because I want the sweet sweet Technorati traffic. Now I just feel stupid. In hindsite, the joke isn't even that funny. My stupidity is the funny part now.

"Hugo Chavez calls Bush 'Devil'"
Bush retaliates by pushing Chavez of the monkey bars. More as the story develops...

Not true. I'm not going to write any more about this.

Plan 4 News special update...

"Hugo Chavez calls Bush 'Devil'"
Bush retaliates by pushing Chavez of the monkey bars. More as the story develops...

Not true. I'm not going to write any more about this. I'm an idiot and can't spell.

Premier of "The Last Dance"

About a year and a half ago (7 in internet years) , Todd and I decided to get off our asset's and do some film work. We devised a loose plot and no script then filmed it. Not really film, Digital 8. Well it took me a year and a half to finish it (4 months in film making years). The biggest reason as I mentioned, Loose plot, no script etc. We had fun and we learned a lot and that's the real reason for doing it. So here it is, "The Last Dance" Oh, by the way, if you watch this and say, "Wow, they stole that" or "I've seen that someplace before" your absolutely correct. We stole like hell in the name of paying homage.

* Edit * I can't help but think that even if we had finished this a year ago I might not have done anything with it. Youtube was not as big and I wasn't blogging as much as I am now so it makes sense to do it now. Thanks Youtube. Your the grandest.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The one where Todd rapes the Parker Brothers

Isn't the game SORRY just PARCHEESI with a different name? I'm sure they would have tried to market it as PARCHEESI but the title was too ethnic for the American consumers and of course they would have had to pay for the rights. So the Parkers change the look slightly, and change the name, but it’s the SAME game. Meanwhile, some Pakistani entrepenuer with hopes of marketing this game from his homeland and maybe making it big in the land of opportunity, gets crushed by the corporate fat cats! What about paying me for the rights guys? SORRY buddy, we decided to put out a different game called, well, Sorry. And the poor guy goes belly up. But what does old Mr. Money bags care; as long as he has his plush hotel penthouse overlooking the Boardwalk.
Oh, don't get me started on MONOPOLY. Picture this: you’re a kid growing up, you’re not rich by any means. You have your own room, and that’s all you really want out of life. Now the landlord comes home one day all excited because his wife just won a bundle in a beauty contest enough to put a down payment on his dream: a hotel on his modest Virginia Ave. property. And out of the blue BAM! He raises your rent, Dad’s in jail, he can’t get out for a while, no help there. Your single mom can’t afford the higher rent, she’s a receptionist at the Marvin Gardens office building a few blocks away. It doesn’t pay squat! She doesn’t even have a car. So now, you gotta go live on Baltic Ave. on the other side of the tracks. You’ll never have the same opportunities there; the best you’ll probably ever manage is maybe get a life-sucking job at the water works.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The one where Chad talks about spinach

Mmmm, spinach. I love spinach. Now spinach is not so good for you (temporarily). This should not have caught us by surprise. We did have a guide in all this and we didn't listen to him.


Did you ever see popeye eat a bag of spinach? No! It was canned spinach! We went astray. Turn back to the old way's of canned spinach goodness! Why didn't we listen? We all watched him squeeze open cans and suck it up with his pipe. We saw the strength and the wonders he did, but still we turned from the way's we knew. Repent and go back to the can! 109 allready. How many more must become sick?

If I was a guy buying stocks in spinach right now, I'd invest in Allen's spinach. They make "Popeye's" spinach and its canned. Buy spinach. Canned. It's the only natural way.

Mr. V fills in for the Man in the fire

Vintage is to lazy to post his own video. Here it is. Great. He's a star. He also doesn't wash very often. YOU SUCK VINTAGE!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The one where Chad showed everyone that bull

Sometimes I find pretty cool stuff at work. This guy pretty much speaks for himself .

Man, that's some big red bull junk under there.

Friday, September 15, 2006

The one where Chad talks about soccer and trailer hitches

Why I think football ( by football I mean soccer) fans are the healthiest people on the planet.

My plan yesterday afternoon was quite simple.

A. Get trailer hitch for my jeep.
B. Install hitch.
C. Get hay for my horses.

I did everything I was supposed to. I called around, I got the cheapest price and then I had them save it for me. They only had one left. I had them save it for me. I had them. Save. It for me.

I love downtown Bangor. I never go there but man I do love it. I didn't love it yesterday while I had to navigate what was most likely level 10 stupidity driving traffic.
So I get to my destination. I was very excited to finally be getting a receiver hitch for my Wrangler. So excited. I had them save it for me. I was going to get it today. They saved it for me. They only have one left.

I walked inside and approached the counter. The poor dope in front of me wanted a trailer with electric brakes. They didn't have any. Pfft, he should have called ahead and found that out. I did. I called ahead and had them save it for me. They only have one left. They were saving a special receiver hitch for me. The guy who would not be getting his electric brake equipped trailer left the desk and headed for the door. He had a very disappointed look on his face. He looked like he had a simple plan that wouldn't work and now he didn't know what to do. I didn't though. I was getting my hitch. They had saved it for me. They only had one left.

“Hello” I said, in that happy “Your saving a hitch for me, there's only one left” kind of way.

“Hello” the woman said in an average indifferent way.

I have this number here for a hitch I am going to purchase. Your saving it for me. For me. For me.

“For a Wrangler” she said.

“Yes. I called earlier.” Said I.

“That's not your Wrangler we are installing it on now?”


“Someone came in, we're installing it now”

“What?” Blink blink.

I calmly turned and headed for the door.

“Sir” she called out. “I can have one for you tomorrow.”

“No.” I kept walking. “I need it now”


“Ma'am”. I said softly. “I need to leave now, I cannot talk to you.”

I had to get out of that room . I had to keep my composure. Society does not allow for me to do otherwise. Society does not understand that they were saving it for me. Saving it for me.

I did not get my hitch. I had to find other means.

People wonder why humans do the things we do. Our culture (In America) has forced us to bottle up anger, rage and fury. It is not socially or culturally acceptable for me to have explained why I was going to get that hitch and, while I respect her right to live, I do not respect her right to be employed where she has contact with other humans. It would not have been ok for me to bring out the words of mass destruction and sent all of the employees of this establishment home crying. I would rather have stayed in the store and talked to the manager and only leave when he agreed to quit, and never return.

We don't have enough pressure relief valves in our lives to let it go in a safe direction. We have to take it and suck it up. Then, when the pressure does blow, we end up kicking a cat or drive an SUV into a department store (Booger I'm counting on you to do this for me)

That's why football fans are so healthy. They get to scream, chant, swear and occasionally hit or be hit by an opposing fan. America doesn't get it. It's not about the “beauty of the game” its about screaming at the ref and threatening his wellbeing. It's about venting off the frustration we get from the old bitch at the U haul counter. It's about letting go of the tension that built when you stood at Rice Glass for 20 minutes while you waited for some jackass to come out and tell you he didn't have the hitch you needed. It's about letting it all go when you think about the redneck pit stain at Webb's RV who told you “Nope, but I do have a hitch for a Wagoneer” instead of just saying, “Sorry sir, can't help you”.
There you go.

This example of what I'm talking about. America needs this.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The one where Chad does more crappy writing. (Mr. V)

I started watching NBC's “The Office”. I always get to shows late in the game and I only really have time for a few television series' in my life anyway. So season two seems much more interesting to me. They really seemed to hit a good stride. I do find myself comparing it to the original BBC version and I think thats unfair. I'm a big fan of Paul Feig as well

Ok, Chad took a break. This is Mr. Vintage. What is this crap about? Man, doesn't this guy have a job to be doing? No wonder he's stuck in the middle of nowhere at a life sucking dead end job. He's wasting his time writing about a lousy sitcom. Chad, let me do you a favor. Here is the kick in the seat meat you've needed. Get a life. Get off your can and do some real work for once in your life. Quit waiting for your lucky break. Breaks don't happen for losers. That's why you got me. So, do some work, and leave the DVD write ups for the goatee wearing fat white guys with pony tails. Oh. Wait a minute. Thats you. I'll do you the favor of posting this for you while your gone. Oh, and under your name. Don't leave yourself signed in jerk.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The one where Mr. V shows Brown the hate

I don't feel like writing. Here's the live action baby. Stick it to Brown! Just so's you know this aint some kind of sicko art-crap kind of video. I'm not selling no story about being a poor lil homeschool star junkie.
Lonleygirl15, call me...
Mr. V

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The one where Ryan gets "PUNK'd"

This is the prank Chad played on his brother-in-law. Ryan has been known to bring his work with him on vacation in the past. So Chad got an old broken laptop and his plan was hatched. Here is the result:
the laptop

Monday, September 11, 2006

The one where Todd makes crappy video

When the stinky pile starts to get high and thick,
Call on Chad and have him unsheath: the stick.

P4 Month in review: August

Tue. 01: Chad bitches about his CD going missing, or possibly stolen 10 years ago.

Fri. 04: Vacation is posted while we "re-group" and enjoy a little R&R D&D and maybe a little T&A. It's no big deal we just had to go away for while and. . . dream it all up again.

Fri. 04: The first vacation post. Chad gets BFed at the NH tolls and the kids put on their hard hats for the drive through the . debut, the very first P4 video post was a somewhat anti-climactic scene of a bundle of being lit.

Mon. 14: Back from vacation and posting furiously. Chad discusses through the consumption of .

Tue. 15: Audio post of a guy jumping over the "cliff" into a pit of molten magma, tagged with a shameless promo for TbL. Later that day: another vacation post about all of the "Fantastic Voyages" of the disc.

Wed. 16: Chad posts about parenting and the great war.

Thur. 17: Todd posts the results of his survey and is shocked to find out he was not Guinan's weave, as he hoped, but instead turned out to be Kahn's man-boobs. Another post that day from Chad about his boring beast-free town.

Fri. 18: Podcast, , that Todd's daughter really enjoyed.

Mon. 21: MOUSE DAY!! This is our shining achievment for the month of August. The debut of the series known as "the mouse" As of this posting the total "stupid" views are up to almost 41,000. I had nothing to do with this video whatsoever it was all Chad, but I am very proud of it nonetheless.

Tue. 22: Busy day, there were 3 (three) posts that day. There was the Google Ad(makes no)sense post. We got the spider to put up a link to something called "Racist Ringtones" I never clicked on it, I guess in my naivete I thought it was ringtones that had to do with racing; nascar, track & field et. al. The post ended with a short transcript of a scene witnessed on vacation about the "grossest thing you'll never want to taste" I kinda liked son of Chad's . My own answer would be somewhat different. I think the grossest thing I would never want to taste is used strip. The next post was about Chad's call to the Master Food Corporation's quality and information "hotline" where he through his conversation with Maria about how "satisfying" nuts were. Later that self-same day was the triumphant debut of the mysterious man in the fire who babbled about some club, and gained the love of many folks the world over. Since then the fan mail has been pouring in.

Wed. 23:
Two videos were posted: Chuck's "beautiful" day, and the one where Mom always said, "don't play light saber in the house." This was the first post which contained . The following were not credited: and , I'm sure they are not suffering for want of the royalties from these two very short videos. However if payment is required, they have been more than compensated by the respect and admiration from all of here at P4. If any further payment is neccesary, then U2 can piss off! and George can go eat a big pile of bantha poodoo.

Fri. 26: Todd suggested we and posted a screenshot from the version of P4.

Sun.27: post of the second installment of "the mouse".

Mon. 28: v. Cruz v.

Tue. 29: menace: the Mysterious Man in the Fire answers fan mail

Thur. 31: Chad's filler post about being a "silly" internet celebrity.

That about wraps up the month of August here at the Plan 4 blog. If you find any broken links you can just wipe your butt with'em. Do a damn google search.

The one where Chad breaks wind

I got to work this morning and chatted with a guy about sailing. This chat led me to wonder what the PSI of wind was at 1mph. I thought this would be interesting to know as you could apply it as a rule of thumb for boating safety.

I figured, If you had a crew/ cargo of lets say 400 lbs and you knew that you had 300 pounds of force applied to the sail at a 1 mph wind you would be in little danger of being tipped over. I know there are many more variables than just that.

If the wind changed to 2 mph you'd be in danger as you had 600 pounds of force being applied. Most likely still well within the safety zone as the boat itself has a certain amount of weight plus the force on the keel. Blah blah blah.

Note, these numbers are just for example only.

I thought too, if you did know all this it would help you understand just how much to lean over the side against the wind to multiply your weight. I would love to see exactly what this all looked like when spread out in formula. Hopefully Numb3rs covers it this season. David Krumholtz really explains things nicely.

In the end I decided this would be the rule of thumb. Your going to tip over. Wear a life jacket.

Friday, September 08, 2006

The one where Chad talks about basements

I think one of the things that prevents more people from becoming celebrities is that "would be fans" fear the celebrity suicide.

With this in mind, I'm pledging to you that if you make me a wealthy popular celebrity I will not go out to the garage and Cobain my self. I don't even have a garage. I would if I was a celebrity though. I'd also get a finished basement. Mmmm, fresh finished basement smell. I'd also have one of these little mini bar things in the finished basement. A finished basement with wood paneling, fuzzy orange furniture and olive appliances. Oh, I also won't put my baby on a magazine cover, hang it off a balcony or swing it in front of a crocodile.

Have a great weekend. Make me rich.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The one where Chad says _______ is the new ______.

I like this “________ is the new ________” concept because it's so retarded. It's as retarded as the word Blogosphere. Don't add the word “Blog” to anything. Except this, Blogtard. I thought I just made that up but a quick google search tells me otherwise.

What little research I have done on this, which is none, tells me opposites work best.

Let's try it out. Hate is the new Love. Ok, sure, thats fun.

Here's another. Not using the opposite. Blogging is the new retardation.

Ok, now we are getting the hang of it. Wood is the new plastic...

Try it out yourself, here is a pre-made form you can cut and past into your own crappy writing.

__________ is the new __________.

There you go.
By the way. I use the word retard, tard and retardation to mean this sense. “Humanity getting to point Z but then relapsing in intellect to point H.” It is not used to refer to anyone with a mental handicap. If you take it that way than you are retarded.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mr. Vintage doesn't like you.

Well who says you can't go home again? Well, In my case, my house is within 200 feet of a school so I can't... All in all it's good to be back with the team. I look forward to being used as a marketing tool again. Really, there is nothing like having yourself Photoshoped into infamy. Just ask Rosie and Katie, the cankle twins. Hey ladies the camera adds ten pounds, Photoshop is for taking them off. Deal with it. And really, great job on your respective shows. I didn't watch, but I'm sure you were fine. Look who you replaced.

One thing I didn't miss was hanging around Chad and Todd when the start laughing. These two guys never stop. It would be one thing if they were laughing at something funny but its just a constant barrage of Obscure movie references and Simpsons imitations. If I have to hear a poorly imitated Ralph Wiggum "Me fail English, that's unpossible" one more time I'm going to stuff a plush Bart Simpson doll down both of their throats. Even the original jokes aren't that good. It's like being around the Car Talk guys. They just keep laughing at the stupidest stuff. I won't even take phone calls from them on Saturday mornings for fear that they may be listening to Car Talk at the time. To hear all 4 of them laughing at themselves would drive me to erase myself.

Here is a joke for you guys, "What's long, dry and not 'red' at all?" Answer, YOUR BLOG!

The one where Chad talks about an old movie

I'm indulging in a dirty little habit today. It's an embarrassing habit. It's habitual. It's twisted. I am... Watching classic 80's movies.
Today's viewing, "Better off Dead" Classic, classic,classic. If your not sure of its "3 classic" worthiness, consider this.

1. South park parodied it.
2. Family guy parodied it.
3. Curtis Armstrong snorting Jello through a straw.
4. Chris Cummins dates the basketball team
5. "..Throwing away a perfectly good white boy"
6. Dan Schneider
7. Crazy 2.00 paper boy.
8. Claymation hamburgers playing guitar
9. "Gee I'm real sorry your mom blew up Ricky"
10. Drag racing Asians.

An interesting note about Curtis Armstrong. According to the IMDB, he was 32 when he played a high school kid in the movie. That means I have 2 years to play a high school kid still.

I do think that this movie was missing something. That something? William Zabka. If Billy had played the ski guy it would have been a much better movie. I may just start pulling up a list of films that would have been better as a result of Billy's involvement. Go Billy!

By the way, today is one of those days you hope Curtis Armstrong whilst in a drunken rage does something crazy like drive his SUV into a department store. Then I'd get some sweet sweet Technorati traffic. Curtis I love you, drive the truck into a store. GO BILLY!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Plan 4 presents "mysterious man in the fire #3"

Ok, here is the third one. Or is it the 4th? I don't know. Also this will be the last Mysterious man in the fire for a week or two.

*Warning- the following video contains Air Supply and may cause anal seepage.*

Plan 4 presents "mysterious man in the fire #2"

Ok, due to a Youtube snafu and my inability to count this is Email 4 but really it's #2. So, there you go.
Oh, and if you're not familiar withy the Casey Kasem death dedication it won't be that funny. So, Google it.

Ponderous man... This is the third (fourth now) time I've had to post today. Between Youtube, Blogger and Technorati I'm having a crappy day.
"Sound's like someone has a case of the Monday's"

The one where Chad talks about Steve Irwin

Here is an "Everybody else is doing it why can't we?" Post.
The only thing I have to say about Steve Irwin. You see kids in the news all the time who get hurt or in trouble imitating Jackass stunts. When was the last time you saw a kid in the news where the headline reads "Kid hurt imitating Steve Irwin?" Why? Because the Jackass stuff can be done by any crazy idiot. Steve Irwin was a special kind of crazy idiot. A crazy idiot far above the average idiocy. An idiot's idiot if you will. I for one appreciated his craziness.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

The one where Chad introduces Mr. Vintage

Todd and I are very excited to reintroduce our longtime friend, Mr. Vintage. Rather than explain who he is, I've made this crazy little documentary about him. He will be doing something around here but I don't know what. Ok, honestly? He looks good on a shirt. Someday that will come in handy.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The one where Chad does a Lost spoof

I thought it would be funny to make "Plan 4" into a spinning "Lost" logo. That soon turned into me chasing my son around the woods with a camera.