Thursday, October 05, 2006

The one where Chad talks about antennas

Fall is here.

With the arrival of autumn comes another special time of the year.

A little known tradition among the "Non Cable Elite" is a special set of games. The semi annual Antenna Games! If you live in the sticks as I do, you depend on what's called an "Antenna" to receive what is called "Over the Air television". Its a magical process in which television signals are sent OVER THE AIR without cables of any kind! The problem is that it takes years of skill and practice to be able to catch and view these magical signals.

I myself enter into the "chuck the roof antenna into a tree" competition. I have an insane fear of heights so I don't want to go on the roof. Every fall, and sometimes when the Super Bowl is on a crappy station, I chuck the antenna as high up into a tree as I can. Then I live with the crappy reception for a few months until the wind blows it down and I do it all over again.
The second event I take part in is the "Antenna building speed" competition. In this even you start building an antenna contraption thirty minutes before the show you want to watch comes on. This year, I wired 8 feet of speaker wire onto a standard rabbit ear and Coax adapter just in time to catch the premier of "The Office".

Last nite was the premier of "Lost". For this event I only entered into the "speed tuning" competition. In that one, you get the station to come in as good as possible in the two minutes of commercials before the show. You have to be careful, one false move can render the reception useless.

*Edit* Well, the results are in and I'm proud to say I didn't screw up! I'm A WINNER!
OH, and yeah, last nights show was awesome.

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