Monday, October 02, 2006

The one where Chad forgot he didn't have the correct IEEE 1394 adapter

Today is a rare Plan 4 tech post. It was going to be a funny Youtube video but I forgot that in order to capture the video onto my laptop, I needed a cable with two small ends. So, I'll get it tomorrow. Maybe.

In other tech news, I finally got Mandriva 2006 (Powerpack, I'm a card carrying club member) working at 95% on my laptop. I say 95 because there are a few things that are and will remain driverless. I've been running it for a while now but only recently did I undertake the task of getting PPP up and running. I was fortunate in that my modem was supported. That's the real problem with Linux to me. I'm sure people would use it more but as I've said a million times before, Average Joe Dialup needs his winmodem to work. The same can be said for Perky Patty Printsalot and Game addict Glen. I should point out that its not this way for lack of effort by the Linux community, the vendors could be stepping up a little more. Cough, my SD Card won't work, Cough, Toshiba, Cough.
Mandriva 2007 has added some cool stuff that may win some of these hessitant folks over. Mandriva now will be packaged with Cedega, a gaming engine / Windows emulator. Now you can play World of Warcrack on your Linux box and ensure that you will never meet a woman that doesn't have pixelated skin. Also included is LinDVD. You can read about some of the new Mandriva goodies here .

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