Thursday, November 30, 2006

The one where Chad cries tears of joy.

Today is a special day. A day my mouth has been waiting for and my body has been dreading. Today folks, is Tim Hortons day!

Today is the day that in Newport, the first local Timmy's is opening. Wow! to think a Timmys close to me! I feel like I've moved to the big time eh. I feel like I'm in Moose Jaw. This is the biggest thing since they repaved Rt. 2.

I'll be going over later to get a box of something or other and maybe a coffee. I hope to take Constable Frasier over with me for a couple cool photo ops. I hope they have some nice Tim Horton free giveaways. Kind of like the healthcare system.

Remember, everyone is Canadian on Tim Hortons day!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The one where Todd talks about sleep

People say, "I'm going to sleep now," as if it were nothing. But it's really a bizarre activity. "For the next several hours, while the sun is gone, I'm going to become unconscious, temporarily losing command over everything I know and understand. When the sun returns, I will resume my life." If you didn't know what sleep was, and you had only seen it in a science fiction movie, you would think it was weird and tell all your friends about the movie you'd seen. "They had these people, you know? And they would walk around all day and be OK? And then, once a day, usually after dark, they would lie down on these special platforms and become unconscious. They would stop functioning almost completely, except deep in their minds they would have adventures and experiences that were completely impossible in real life. As they lay there, completely vulnerable to their enemies, their only movements were to occasionally shift from one position to another; or, if one of the 'mind adventures' got too real they would sit up and scream and be glad they weren't unconscious anymore. Then they would drink a lot of coffee. And then I puked up hot dogs.

The one where Chad says "I'm not dead"

I have not posted in a while. The lack of posts is not because I have not wanted to, or had good material but because I did not want to nor did I have good material. Oh. Wait. Actually I was on vacation. Now that I'm no longer on vacation I have that "I don't want to get back to work" mentality.

Thanksgiving was great, I ate tons, I had all the pie I wanted and then I puked up hot dogs.

How about some previews? I'm working on a "Heroes" post. Don't expect much new to come of it, that show is great and everyone knows it.

Todd has some cool stuff "in the can" as we Pro's like to say.

I have not found Heidi G's current location yet but I think I will this month. ( not likely as I like the watch so much I think I'll keep it.)

I think we are due for a mysterious Man in the fire post. Probably something to do with a certain MMORPG...Wait, just had a great idea. Don't want to spoil it.

The premier of the Constable Frasier show! (currently in contract negotiations with my dog) The set is built. Frasier is busy now with hunting season.

Speaking of dog, she will be on the outside this month so look forward to the big dog release party.

So there you have it, despite the rumors, I'm not dead.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

The one where Todd posts a "holiday" Top Ten

TOP TEN "Signs You've Eaten Too Much"

10. You ate the turkey, the pop-up thermometer and the plastic net

9. Last thing you remember is positioning your open mouth behind a dump truck full of yams

8. All your silverware is worn down to tiny stumps

7. While picking your teeth, you dislodge an angry construction worker

6. The green bean casserole is waving a white flag of surrender

5. This morning, the display on your bathroom scale read "Good Lord!"

4. You now have an butt the size of Plymouth Rock

3. People keep looking at you and saying, "I thought the Macy's Parade was over"

2. Your relatives can't go home because they're stuck in your gravitational field

1. You're sweatin' gravy, my friend!

The one where Todd posts... something

A FUZZY MEMORY by Jack Handey

One Thanksgiving my parents did something I don't know if I can ever forgive them for. We were eating our turkey dinner when I suddenly realized I hadn't seen my pet turkey all day. "Where's Mister Gobble?" I asked. Dad seemed confused. "Mister Gobble?" "Yes," I said. "My turkey. The one I picked out at the supermarket, and then after he thawed out I made him do a funny little turkey dance. Mister Gobble." Dad's silence said it all. We were eating Mister Gobble! I ran crying from the table and locked myself in my room. Later, Dad knocked on the door and said he had some dessert for me. When I opened up the door, I couldn't believe it. It was a slice of Pumpkie, my pet pie!

It seems Thanksgiving went unnoticed at P4 so I just thought I would throw this up a couple of days late. Pretty lame.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The one where Chad posts about food and seeks Todd's guidance

**Blogger killed this post, I had to go back through after spell check inserted the new words in the middle of other words. Good luck reading it**

I brought clam chowder to work. Clam Chowda. I think as a Mainer its shame I don't eat more traditional New England fares. I'm sure Todd will have something to say about all this. He's a food guy.
Todd, edit in blue or red, just like we used to.


Fish - If the rest of your family doesn't dig on Fish Chowder neither will you. I do love it though. Haddock if you can, just make sure its a whitefish. No matter the color of the fish, there is not enough connective tissue in fish to stand up to the long simmering process needed for some rich chowder.

Clam - Same thing here. Thankfully it comes in cans. Of course you need an electron microscope to find the clam chunks. I will take microscopic clam chunks over to much clam any day Especially if the clam shucker gets the junk parts of the clams in. Like clam necks.
Clams in a can are already cooked, so why would you continue to cook them in your chowder turning them to something resembling silly putty that was left in a drawer since Reagan. Get a clean screwdriver and some nice fresh clams. Talk to your fishmonger, devlop a relationship, even if you have engage in the dreaded "small" talk. You want the freshest you can get, make a friend there on the other side of the piles of crushed ice, he won't steer you wrong.

There are alot of recipes for "New England" Clam chowder all producing different textures and flavors. But keep your damn tomatoes out of there. "Manhattan" good movie, bad chowder.


Lobster. I like lobster but frankly its not a must have for me. I built lobster traps and painted buoys for a lobster fisherman. I ate a lot of lobster. It did lose its special quality for me. A good way to have lobster for me is in something else. Specifically something cheaper like lobster cakes or stew. This is where we stray away from the chowder category and go straight to Bisque. There is no potatoes and it is usually a puree to retain the same consistent texture from the first spoonfull to the last gulp as you tip the bowl up to you lips to glean every bit of lobstery goodness.

Fish - I like haddock and a few other types of fish. Problem is that sellers frequently rename fish. You are not always assured your going to get what you thought you were asking for. Take "Scrod" for example. Who knows? It could be this or it could be that. Scrod isn't a fish. Just order a whitefish. Tilapia, Red Snapper. If I want to get local loco, Cod maybe. Again, ask your fishmonger what is FRESH and you you will hit a homerun everytime. And ask him for some of that crushed ice in the bag. Especially if you have more than a 15 minute drive home.

Mackerel - These are better off by themselves. They taste good but are oily. The best part about mackerel is fishing for them. I say the best part is throwing them back.

Clam -I prefer clams in stew rather than steamers, but nothing beats a clam fritter. Or as I call them, clam cakes or JJs, which is the name of the seafood shack where I first discovered these artery clogging meteorites.

We also got Cod, Stripped bass, Mussles, Crab, bluefish, flounder etc etc. Lots of junk from the sea. Like kelp, which is used in literally thousands of products.

Cakes and stuffed stuff

Clam - Clam cakes or "Fritters" if your from The Cape. I have a deep fryer at home just for making clam fritters. What a home made fritter is missing is the mix of other flavors from the over used grease at your local shack. When I make mine at home I put them in a paper sack so I get the greasy window effect. Last time I was at shaws I could not find the batter mix I used to get. Bummer. Get yer clam cakes ready-made in the brown bag with the dark stains that indicate freshness.

Stuffed Quahog - Places that are not there any more, "Alice's". Alice's restaurant (not the one from the song) was where I had my first stuffed Quahog. A Quahog is a big ass clam that has been emptied and filled back up with a special stuffing made with different stuff, most importantly clam bits. This was in Mass. Stuffed Quahog isn't all that popular in Maine. Shaws carries a store brand "stuffed clam" that's not all bad. The one I had recently had some bacon bits. I enjoyed that. Right down the street from where I am sitting is the Hideaway Lounge, which serves 2 varieties of these stuffed lovelies. The Standard Stuffed Quahog and what is called the "Hideaway Hog" The shell is standard but the stuffing is almost always regional. The SQ at Hideaway has clam or quahog bits, and they add lingucia and chourice(that is spelled and pronounced several different ways) both are a Portuguese pork sausage that used to be VERY regional around here, until that damn Emeril started blabbing about it. The Hideaway Hog is the same only add lobster, fish, shrimp and whatever they have lying around the kitchen that day. Served with a lemon wegde and two pats of butter. They are tasty, and dirt cheap, at 1.95, add a 1.50 draft beer and you got a meal that beats any drive-"thru" in price and taste any day.
Non Seafood

New England Boiled Dinner - vegetables (cabbage, carrots, onions, etc) and salt pork. Whenever my kids gag on something at the dinner table I try not to get to upset. The taste of salt pork did just that to me as a kid. I hated it.

Linguica - The different nationalities brought different things to the table in New England. This sausagey delight comes from the Portuguese folks. This one I eat quite a bit. Buy it, fry it up, slice it, dice it whatever. It's not a breakfast sausage, but it is a little sweet. NOT a breakfast sausage???!!! WhatderyouNUTS! Make an omlette(with fresh eggs) and stuff it with diced not ground linguicia that has been browned, and add the cheese of your choice, but a Kraft single or the equivalent is all you need, we are trying to showcase the linguica here not some fancy Brie. You will end up with what is the most tasty breakfast ever! (the exclamation points will now cease, **edit** (until the end of the post) my apologies, I hate reading them as much as you)

None animal foods
Maple Syrup. I've heard that Vermont is the largest consumer of Maine maple syrup. It gets rebranded as Vt .Made. If you've never had real maple syrup you may not like it. It hardly bares any similarity to the "Maple flavored goo" you buy in a store. Better yet, get some spiles and make your own. Very interesting legislature on this very topic,
I find Mrs. Butterworth attractive, however her syrup (notice my ommision of the modifier: maple) would be better utilized as an adhesive for a welcome mat, or some other humorous household or office chore. Also the now retired "Vermont Maid" was also very hot. Unlike actual vermont "maids" which are usually unshaven, tree huggin (cause no man would touch that) gals who tend to hang around with other maids, if you know what I mean.
Fiddle Heads - Fiddle heads are immature fern plants that have yet to unroll and spread out. If you find an area that has had water but that's now receded that's a good place to start. Prepare them like you would spinach. If I remember correctly, the immature ferns with a V shaped stem are the ones you want, not the o shaped stem. Fiddle heads are seasonal. - spring Never tried them, I have had dandelion greens though.

Potatoes - We got billions of them.
I prefer Alaska myself, sorry Chad.
*edit* Blue Berries - We got trillions of them I think my dad is keeping the blueberry farms in buisness, he's been eating 2 blueberry muffins everyday since Nixon.
*edit* Apples - We got millons of these. The only thing I can say is that the apples taste best after the first frost hits them. I just finished off ½ peck of Mac Intosh apples in less than a week, I love Fall.

*edit* Cranberries -I almost got a little to "Maine" with this. Keeping with the New England food thought, lets not forget cranberries. I'll let Todd fill you in on those. Don't buy Wisconsin "berries" buy Cape Cod Cranberries they are actually red. And, um, add lots of sugar.

Game Animals

Deer - Venison is good but don't expect it to taste like steak. The older the deer the tougher the meet. A good eating deer is a young one. Don't poach one out of season. By poaching I mean shooting one in winter for instance. I hear the meet tastes off because of the winter diet of cedar tips and frozen fungus. That's Chad's turf, I'll steer clear of deer.

Moose - A moose tastes more like beef than deer does but its harder to get. Not that it's harder to shoot, that's as easy as shooting the family dog. Harder to get because you have to know someone who "Hunted" one. Again, I'll defer to Chad, since the one moose I ever saw in the wild was running down Chad's driveway at the time.

Bear - Greasy. Its ok, but I've never been a fan. Plus bear hunting requires a lot of work and I suck at hunting. Then there's the whole, human remains found in bear dung, thing.

Ruffed Grouse - Mmm, These little birds are nothing but breast. They taste good, especially if they feed on apples. It also helps that they are easy to clean. Step on the wings, pull the feet, breast up, and the bird pulls in two pieces. Take a sharp knife and cut the breasts off the bone. Be sure to pull out the bird shot. Always wanted to bread and fry me up some grouse.

Duck - Never had wild duck.
Greasier than Bear. The skin makes for some tasty, cracklin's though.
Wild turkey - Haven't had this yet either but I hear its a little tougher and gamier than our butter ball conditioned palates are used to.
Leave your Norman Rockwell expectations at the door and you might really enjoy a wild Tom.
Game Fish

Trout - Sadly this is becoming harder to get as the native stock is dwindling. Pan fried trout with fiddleheads and butter is a delicacy. Wash it down with some wild turkey, and I might try it, not a big fan of "slow" muscle fish.

Todd will step into this post I hope. He will also steal the show as that is his "thing". I just appreciate the bi-line props before I even sang a note. Color me flattered.

The term "take for granted" can not be used about something you know nothing about, only about things that are close. Personal. Something you encounter every day, or say, every week, or say, every Saturday night. I think you see where I'm going here Chad.
I had to add to ammend this post and call Chad out on his glaring omission.

Hot Dogs and Beans.
"Boston" Baked Beans to be exact. It's 10pm on Friday night as I type this, and our beloved grandmother has her beans soaking as I type these very words. When they finish their bath sometime tomorrow morining they will be prepared in the slow cooker or "crock pot" as traditional Boston "baked" beans. The crock in the wood fired brick oven has been replaced by the ceramic slow cooker, a much safer way to cook beans if you ask me.
These famous beans will be served at the equally famous "Saturday night supper". A tradition in our family, since oh man, Hoover, I guess. put it this way, I'm pretty sure the Red Sox were World Champs during the first Saturday night supper. The staple of the meal are the afforementioned beans and always hot dogs, All varieties, including Chad's favorite, the "red" hot dog. Other sides might be homemade rolls, cole slaw, carrot/rasin "salad, Ginny's awesome devil'd eggs. I eat those and I actually feel, satanic. To the point that I have to limit myself to 1, 2 at the most. They are tasty. Hmmm, some sides have been added in my generation, you know lame stuff like Kraft dinner, which takes about 4.2 nano seconds to make, and costs about 5 dollars per metric ton. More efficient? Yes. But look what you have to sacrifice: Flavor, Texture, A longer life, and it doesn't even make you fart, what a Gyp. I'll take the $1.19 bag of white beans that takes 2 days to prepare, any day of the week, except Sunday through Friday, because. . . Live from Carmel, it's SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The one where Chad talks about a different dog

When I was a boy, I didn't have birds or bees around to tell me about sex. I learned it from my dog, Paddington. Paddington was a terrier, beagle mix. A good old fashioned American mutt.
I'll skip the nostalgic, misty eyed talk about the dog and go straight to the sex.

Paddington had a thing for stuffed animals. He'd walk into a room, see a stuffed bear on the floor, and get a "look" in his eye.

The look said something like, "Yeah, I'm gonna go hit that bear"

The visual of Paddington plus the comment, "Oh, the dogs humping that teddy bear" were two essential elements that I used to put together what "Sex" was.

I remember years later after the novelty of a bear humping dog had long worn off, my friend came over and brought his stuffed dog.

Paddington went nuts. He was having his way with that dog within minutes of its arrival into the house. There was no long glances across the room, no days upon days of courtship. He was doing the dirty bird like it was the last time he'd ever get the chance. When he finished he looked like he had just been with The Bangles, The Go Go's and Banannarama. We had to put the stuffed dog up where he couldn't reach.

Here is a side note for this dog. My dad stayed home or was out of work or something. He taught the dog to drag his ass across the floor on command. It was the same way anydog with worms will do it, except he didn't have worms. You say "Pants on Fire" and he would drag his ass all over the place. It was the first thing we showed anybody who came to the house for the first time.
Happy Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The one where Todd posts random images

1. Zakim Bridge
2. The Citgo sign
3. The fuzzy bumps on the horizon line is the Boston skyline.
4. Town Hall in Weymouth, Mass.
5. Neponset River Bridge in Qunicy over the right side is docked the USS Salem C-139
6. A random pink house that had me singing that damn John "Cougar" Mellencamp song for the rest of the day.

Monday, November 13, 2006

The one where Chad talks about random topics

Some random topics that have not formulated themselves into full posts.

1. I wish that they guys who did the "Spitting Image" show in the UK would do it again. Spitting Image was the series that used the puppets more commonly known to US viewers from the Genesis video "Land of Confusion".

3. Sometimes I accept Myspace friends,sometimes I don't. I pick and chose but there seems to be no "method to the madness". I work with a guy who kept asking, finally I blocked him. Did the same to my friend Dave. Why? Don't know.

4. I like the song "Our House" by Madness.

5. I've been working on the "Constable Frazier show". Got the set built and am waiting for the Timmy's in Newport to open.

6. Found an issue of "National Lampoon" from 1973. Wish I had read this as a child. I got to read MAD and CRACKED but never had this around. Cracked kind of sucked.

7. I'm afraid of falling asleep in public as I snore quite loudly.

7. I am starting to get an itching and burning. I get it right before I feel the need to do a video thing. I need to do something BIG, Bigger than that damn albatross around my neck called "The Mouse". I just can't seem to hit those numbers again.

8. I have two 7's because I started typing in the "working backup" I put in Word Pad. I just kept it. Oddly though, I never had a "Hey, I've been here to #7 before" feeling.

9. I enjoy A-Ha's "Take on Me". The band at the Umaine hockey games does a great version of it. Who knows, they may do it at basketball games too. I wouldn't know, baskettball sucks and I don't go.

10. I have a habit of not labeling CD's. I just figure, I'll know whats on it... I have resorted to looking at a cd on the bottom to see how much data is burned. If its full, its video content or a whole CD of mp3's. If its just a little data, its most likely one TV show or a handfull of songs I was in the mood to hear.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


I own a Siberian Husky. One particular trait that this breed has is a propensity to kill or attempt to kill smaller animals. On the 22nd, my dog tried to do just that. A skunk walked up to her (she's on a run) and she (my dog) thought it was playtime, and it was for a while. Play time consisted of jumping around and biting the skunk and then when the skunk tried to leave, playtime consisted of grabbing the skunk by the neck and tossing it into the air.

"Old Yeller" Duh...

Playtime now turned into kill time. The skunk never got killed because it managed to hobble off. Of course, it goes without saying it sprayed everywhere during playtime. Funny thing is the dog never cared that it was getting sprayed. Lucky for me I work at a landfill and have access to industrial deodorizer. It worked well. This all happened after 10 AM.
Here's where the fun begins for me. Because I could not get the skunk we have to assume it was rabid. Being out at 10 AM and hearing that it made visits to 4 other homes I have no doubt it was.

Great moment in Childrens film making.

This is the process I have to go through now. She has current rabies vaccination. I now only have to do a simple strict quarantine of 45 days. It can be done either, In the house or in a garage. Ok. I remember pretty clearly Old 'Yeller being locked in a shed for observation. He wasn't brought in to play with the kids... I can also send her to a state approved kennel. I'd put the dog down before I paid out that kind of money for a kennel. She's 13 and has always been an outdoor dog. It also seems quite inumane to bring a dog with that kind of a winter coat into a 72 degree house.

Neither the Animal Control Office or the Vet and the Game Warden have mentioned what risks there might be to my family. They both been much more concerned with her transmitting it to other animals.
So the dog is in lockdown until December 22. If she gets the hydrophobia you better believe I'll be posting about that. I wish someone would create a cool “RABIES WATCH” logo. OH, I could find a count down clock. If I find one it will be over there on the right ---->

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The one where Chad sells the art of a family friend

Tiffany, a friend of the family created this art and I bought it for .25
Now I'm selling it on Ebay. This is a lesson in capitalism. Yeah for capitalism!
(I told Tif I'd split the profits)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The one where Todd giggles whenever someone says POLL

I had lunch in the shadow of the Bunker Hill Monument. I ate my leftover cold pork chop a few yards from the spot that General Warren bled out. The Brittish won a phyrric (took the field but suffered the most casualties) victory in the Battle of Bunker Hill and took the Charlestown penninsula of Boston. The "red coats" were unable to recoup their losses however, and it was the turning point in the war for independence. We won that one.

Being there gave me the ambition I needed to go vote I feel silly every time I vote, but I do it anyway. Why do I feel silly? Every single person I vote for in Massachusetts WILL lose.
No machines in Middleboro, no lever, no touch screen, no hanging chads, just a paper ballot and a Sharpie. The dark shadow in the lower right corner is the belt clip on my cell phone/camera.
I noticed that there is no hubub about voters being suppressed here in Massachusetts because the politcians who complain about that are the ones who have this state locked up. It's only the close "R" victories where "irregularities" are alleged. I walked in with a camera and started shooting pictures no one seemed to care. I didn't get asked for an ID, I didn't even give the right address. I was also dissapointed about not getting to dip my finger in purple dye, like they get to do in Iraq. Good old Photoshop helped me out there though.
That's one handsome voter!

P. S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures today. I only had my phone camera today. I think the image processor on my LG flip camera phone is a potato(e) chip. As opposed to the 6.0 megapixel CCD on my Canon Power Shot S3 IS. Boo-YA!

The one where Chad makes it up on the fly

I usually write my posts out in advance. Sometimes, I'm a few days ahead. Today I'm live writing so to speak.
I voted yesterday. I don't know why I bothered, there wasn't anybody running that I wanted for anything. The choices for Maine governor were all lackluster at best. I can't believe this is the best Maine can do for candidates. John Baldacci won with just 38%. Shit B. 62% of the people DON'T want you! If a solid, real thinker, doer, well liked candidate showed up just a week before the election Baldacci would be back at the restaurant washing dishes.

John E. Baldacci 175399 38.44%

Chandler E. Woodcock 135314 29.65%

Barbara Merrill 96536 21.15% Good showing for an independent.

Patricia H. LaMarche 44936 9.85% Had this woman as a teacher in college. She had one great idea I thought and thats why she got my vote. I liked the one idea. Too bad people still think of this Lamarche when they see her name on the ballot.

''Driving drunk is like the scarlet letter of the '90s'' LaMarche

She's quite right. I hope she continues to press on with the ideas she brought to the table.

Phillip Morris NaPier 4152 0.91% By the way, this guy is a convicted felon who's biggest ideas were to A. Pardon all the felons and B. Abolish Income Tax.

I'll start planning my run now.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The one where Chad fakes his name

I started using fake names for myself when I was younger. Never for nefarious purposes, but mostly just for fun, calling radio stations, magazine subscriptions etc. I forgot most of the names but I've been Alan, Eddie and recently, Chad Nule. One of my first names I used was Paul Blankenship. I used that one quite a bit. Just this week I have been listening to public radio on my rides to and from work. Aside from loving the fair and balanced reporting of NPR and BBC radio, I like the music. There is a guy announcing early morning named Scott Blankenship. I thought I had made that last name up but as it turns out it really is a name, and quite a popular name as well. When I used Blankenship it was P.G. (Pre Google). Now I'll have to make up a new one.
Here we go,
Edward X. Foxhilderson

Foxhilderson does not bring up ANY hits so I think I'm safe. I should get volunteers to create a whole family of Foxhildersons. Make up fake news, events, statements. Then make a family tree. Then take over the world. The Foxhildersons could be whatever we wanted.
How cool would it be that the "Foxhilderson" family pops up overnight and out of nowhere. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is cool. If you join the Foxhilderson family let me know. Perhaps I'll set up a Foxhilderson Corp website.

Edward X. Foxhilderson IV.

Friday, November 03, 2006

P4 October highlight reel

10/1: Todd posts about the greedy pumpkin farmers.
10/3: The premiere of the P4 RPG
10/4: Post 100 YT post of screen tests for prospective characters.
10/5: Chad discusses the rabbit ear reception. A rare topic in the post-cable age.
10/9: Chad takes that pious Christopher Columbus down a peg. I say it's about time, I mean Home Alone was pretty good, but what have you done for us lately.
10/11: The omni and the caper. I think that about covers it.
10/15: The Plan 4 clip show spectacular.
10/19: In between conversation inserts, Chad pukes up hotdogs.
10/22: Carmel to Hampden: the movie.
10/25: Pre-screening of KNIGHT ROOMBA
10/26: Hollow weenie, cheesy story posted by Chad. But that good kind of cheesy story, and then Chad puked up the hollow weenie. Those darn Sanford permanent inks, they don't digest very well.
10/30: Git yer deer yet? Trigger lock post from Chad.
10/31: A Veryfine post from Chad. I also remember the school vending machine. The one in my high school had very fine back in the day. I always got the 12oz. can of YooHoo, yum, I used to drink it on the way home with a Hershey's "Bar None" bar, now taken out of service. I loved those things.
Too lazy to type out all those links. If you want to read the posts again you know where to look.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The one where Todd slams a childhood hero

I have always loved Billy Joel's music. My neighbor Mike and I used to play his parents albums and our favorite was Billy Joel. I played the guitar (tennis raquet) and he played the piano (window sill) we knew all the words and sang along with Billy.
2 wives 3 DUIs and 6 Grammys later and he still has it. He's a little creepy lately, but I still like to listen to his music. I was at a party last weekend and the piano singalong started up and when they got to Billy Joel songs I was THERE singing along again. All I needed was a tennis raquet to jam along and the nostalgia would have been so strong, I would have passed out. Just like Billy, HA!

*I felt bad about that last post and had to counter. I did a little writing to go with it. I don't feel bettter though, damn.

The one where Chad finds some hot products

I had no idea Ass products were so big...

The one where Chad gets that map

I was google image searching Anna Nicole Smith Carmel Maine, and I found this map. Two thoughts went through my head.

1. OH NO CANADA'S GONE! and then

2. Some kind of Big Brother revisionism going on.

I made a call to the capitol of Quebec, Quebec City to find out more. The gentleman on the other end of the phone was equally concerned however, he went out side to check for me. He got back on the phone and said, "Yeah, Canada's still here, at least this part" I have yet to check out Moose Jaw, Kamloops, or Pugwash.

I kind of wish that this map was real. That would make Aroostook county good for something.