Thursday, October 19, 2006

The one where Chad talks...and then I puked up hotdogs

Sometimes in life we say something we think will be interesting or funny to someone and it doesn't quite fly. I think I've developed a solution. Call it a “comedic parachute”. Here is how it works.

I tell say, D.B. Cooper a story about the time I backed into someones car at the mall. I think its funny but it gets kind of lost in translation. Before it's to late, I pull the “comedic parachute rip chord”.

Me - “So that's what happened when I backed into the car at the mall”
DB- “Oh”
Me - “Uh, (here comes the parachute) ...Then I puked up hot dogs.”

See, I saved it by making the absurd image of me throwing up hot dogs chunks. Sure it possibly is a lie, but for the sake of the moment, its a good thing. This works for blog posts too. I think I might go back and take some of my old posts and spice them up a little with "...then I puked up hot dogs".
I like the hot dog puke because it's really happened to me. I have two true stories that end with “...then I puked up hot dogs.”

You can use “...then I puked up hot dogs” or you can make one of your own. For instance,
“...Then I sneezed and pissed my pants”
“...Then I burped and puked a little”
“...Then I sharted”
“...Then I bent over to pick something up and I split my pants”

Crrrap, someday when I have Plan 4 T-shirts wouldn't this look cool? "Plan 4...then I puked up hot dogs" I CLAIM IT!

More video soon, almost done with the one for NBC's video thing. I shot my entire comute to work today and I'm going to speed it up so it only takes 30 seconds to playback. Also working on Lockjaw Frasier and something else.

Overall, today's post isn't that good I guess...and then I puked up hot dogs.

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