Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fake news by Chad #12

Googleville -

Internet gigantica Google is on the verge of consuming, with its all powerful jaws of search, overpriced internet hooker Youtube. Speaking anonymously, D Todd Eberso__ of Google INC. Said that the move was less about Youtube and more about the videos being done by Plan 4.

"What google wants and needs is to be in the Plan 4 business. We want them. passionately. We don't get anything they say or do but that Mr. Vintage is pretty damn awesome."

When it was pointed out to them that the Plan4 blog in fact already uses the Google owned Blogger service and most images used on the site were stolen via Google image search, Todd shrugged.

"Really?" he said. "It makes no difference. Now we will have them both in 'word' and 'video'. Google likes it both ways. All hail the mighty and powerful Google. "

If and when Google takes over Youtube will it make it suck as bad as Google Video?

"No comment. But, yeah, it probably will"

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