Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The one where Chad does some creative writing

I walked out into the cold, stinging winter air and realized I had made a mistake. Where did I go wrong? What choices could I have made differently?
Even as I walked down the street towards the T station I began to feel eyes starring at me. Did they know? Did they have some sense into the turmoil I faced before I left the house? Was that woman who was now starring at me; judging me because of my one poor choice?

I looked away from the woman's glare and glanced across the icy street only to catch the eyes of two men , one tall, one short, loading boxes into a delivery truck. I could tell, by the slight lift in his chin that the shorter of the men was about to shout at me. I already knew what the words would say. He would be pointing out my mistake, my lapse in judgment.

I looked away and braced myself but could not completely shut out his angry words. Through the cold morning air they shot like frosty daggers across the street and into my chilled ears.

“Hey ya jackass! Put on some friggin pants, nobody wants to see your frostbitten junk out he'ah”

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