Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fake News by Chad #13 Early Halloween edition!

Voters this November have many important choices to make. National representative seats, governorships, as well as countless local and regional choices must be voted on. According to Chad Nule of Hell, Michigan the most important decision is proposition 6, commonly known as the “dead rights” amendment. The controversial citizen initiative would allow for equal rights across the board for all those who have slipped the surly bonds of earth.

“Up until now, the dead have been unfairly discriminated against” says Nule. “The dead are not allowed to own property, become married, adopt children or even have pets. In a country as great as ours why would we in 2006 still hold to these archaic social conditions?”
The amendment if passed, would treat the dead as equals to you and I. Unless you are gay. Those dying will no longer have to arrange for funerals, wills, or pay for increasing after death costs. The dead will be allowed to stay in their homes, go to work and school and live their lives as they see fit.

The amendment goes so far as to allow the living to marry the dead. Opponents to the issue are quick to point out the problem in this. Todd Eberson comments, “Uh, if the voters approve, any living person today could go to an existing cemetery, dig up a corpse, go to the nearest Justice of the Peace and get married. Those kinds of special rights are, well, just frigging messed up”

Chad rebuts, “This issue is not about the dead getting special rights. Thats just not the case. The amendment is about protecting the rights. We want to make sure everyone has the same rights after death as they had before death. If Joe Office Worker gets hit by a car today, why does he have to lose his job? It's not his fault he got killed.”

*The report went on further but I got thinking about it and puked up hot dogs

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