Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The one where Chad has a flashback

I was shaking a bottle of Starbucks Frappuccino...

I never do this but I smacked the butt of the bottle and it made that squish sound that glass bottles make as the fluid hits the cap end. That noise caused me to remember something. Not anything important but still, something.

When I was in Junior High our school had vending machines that sold juice. The bottles were short, squaty and had Styrofoam labels. If you peeled the label it would break off in horizontal strips. There was Grape, Orange and Apple. "Veryfine" was the brand. If you bent the cap a little after opening you can make a very loud clicker. The caps were sometimes hard to open so you had to smack the bottom of the bottle. Squish.

I have not thought about those bottles of juice in at least 17 years. remembering the bottles brings back memories of the vending machines that sold pencils, pens and notebooks. The pens came in a blue cardboard tube that was PERFECT for shooting spit balls.

It's weird how one sound can bring back those kooky memories.
The school that had those is the same school we shot "The Last Dance" in.

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