Saturday, October 07, 2006

The one where Todd has an ismasm

I have to say that even though orgasm and sarcasm don't ryhme, they are in the short list of words ending in -asm for sure. There's TONS of words eding in -ism. You can even make up words just by adding the ism and coin a whole new word. The ism suffix is unversal but the asm suffix is quite select. Like, for instance, I could say that the title gags we use "The one where Chad . . ." is a plan4ism. But when you read a post or view a fabulous youtube here you don't say oh, ooooh I just had a plan4asm, that would be gross. You can use ism for any religious group you can think of just by adding the ism. Try that with the asm, like say, Catholisasm, that one gives me the creeps.

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