Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The one where Chad kills a bug

I'm a big fan of things being used outside the intended purpose. I really love when it works and doesn't cause me harm.
I was sitting here at my desk and a wasp flew in. I quickly grabbed a can of 3M Dust remover and held it upside down, exactly like the can says not to. I knew about the freezing spray from prior dust remover expeditions. I let the wasp have it. I froze him like Han Solo, except this time there would be no droid to point out the obvious. Hey, no Jabba jokes!

Few minutes later I saw this guy hanging on my window screen.

By the way. It's Autumn and I could show you pretty foliage but I chose bugs instead.

Also, here is a good thing to do with a can of dust remover.

1. Insert air thing longer. (if you have one)
2. Get straw style coffee stirrer.
3. Tape end of said stirrer
4. Slide stirrer over end of thing longer
5. Shoot out eye of person in next cubicle.
6. Run.

I wanted to put up some pictures of the "Straw gun" but if you can't figure it out, you shouldn't be shooting stuff anyway.

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