Sunday, July 02, 2006

The one where Chad finds himself on Red Dwarf

As I mentioned, I work in the waste industry. Sometimes in my job I run across abandoned and derelict PC's. Finding a half decent computer and loading one flavor of Linux or other is great fun. There is a lot of wasted technology out there just floating around.
Just like Lister, Kryten, the Cat and Rimmer I check out these derelicts and look for stuff I can use. Again, just like Lister, Kryten, the Cat and Rimmer I sometimes run into things that are a little scary. Unlike Lister, Kryten the Cat and Rimmer what I find is not a virus that makes me wonky or an android bent on killing but rather files and folders full of stuff I don't want to see. First off, The number one thing I don't want to find is child pron. I can't say that I would use my powers for good and not just set out like a vigilante and personally destroy the life of the previous owner. It probably would end up in me losing my job. So far, I've never seen any.
Second on the list of things I don't want to see or find is Gay male pron. Second on the list is exactly what was loaded in copious amounts on an old dell I found. That machine will be going right back into the recycle pile. I don't even want to think what kinds of things that tower has been witness to. Ugh, I said tower.
Its always a little exciting when booting up an old machine. What kind of cool old apps are on there? What kind of story does this machine have to tell? Why is there a photo of many many navel cadets standing on the deck of a ship wearing only skimpy shorts? How fast can I get this machine out of my office?
Another thing to note here. Please destroy your hard drives before you throw them out. There are people who are less trustworthy than myself and will make quick work of your personal data. Smash the thing with a hammer. Dent it, crack it and mess it up. Leaving a PC at a transfer station or universal waste drop off spot does not mean that its in its final resting place!

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Todd said...


Gay MALE porn. What about the lezbineeze fagolas you don't mind those? Does that makes you a "hip"-o-cryt?

It's funny, I have been reading through Torah (the law) and I found almost 50 sins that were capital, punishable by death. All the ones you would expect are there, and some other good ones like, killing an animal for a sacrifice anywhere but the door of the temple, having a wrong dream, yeah, if you don't control your dreams you should be killed. If you are negligent with an animal and it gets out and kills someone. Any kind of rebellion. Oh and sodomy is on there too.