Thursday, July 20, 2006

The one where Chad does a Star Trek thing

 I've decided that in order to make the day go by faster and amuse myself I am going to pretend I'm on a Star fleet vessel. (From the Star Trek series). I will be keeping a running journal of my actual day but it will be as though I'm on a star cruiser. Throughout the day I'll be referring to my co-workers as shipmates and adding Lieutenant or Ensign or Chief Officer to their names. Phones and the CB will be referred to as Com units. My Jeep is a shuttle craft and the computer is...well, that stays a computer. Some of you may remember the day I pretended it was 1987. (Did it in 1999?) This will be a whole lot more annoying for my coworkers than that. Since then I have really improved my craft. Please keep in my I'm not a Star Trek fanatic. I enjoy the shows but I am truly a fan of annoying people.

Lt. Chad's log

Star date 7.17.06

I took my shuttle craft to rendezvous with the USS PTL. I was disturbed by the nebulous fog that I saw encountered all the way there. It went all the way from the Carmelo system through Hermite1 and finally Hamdecor. The instrumentation in the shuttle shows some kind of check engine engine anomaly I'll have to look into it later.

I was concerned when I arrived because Ensign Nick had the company pickup truck shuttle craft parked in my spot.

I'm comfortably seated at the Com now for the duration of the flight. If I'm lucky, commander Riker won't pick me for an away team mission.

6:05 Lt. Chad's log – supplemental

This is going to be a Monday. I opened a storage unit to get a knife and a container of sodium chloride particles fell out and hit the microwave radiation unit. I know, I pulled a real "Wesley Crusher*" on that one. Needless to say the containers structural integrity was compromised and I had a NaCl containment leak. Thankfully Lt. Chuck has a shop vac Space Vac here.

8:05  Chad's log supplemental

I was just talking to a Klingon freighter pilot and when he was leaving he said “Eshpok Togalth”

“What's that mean?” I asked.

“Have a good one” he says.

It's remarkable that even in what is almost an infinite space with countless life forms, the phrase “Have a good one” has made it all the way around.

The day wore on without much more for action. I was disappointed because I thought this would make a nice long entry. I guess, looking back it's a good illustration to show that not every day was an exciting day on the bridge of the Enterprise. Also, I got board faster than I thought I would.
* Please Mr. Wheaton, I didn't mean that personaly.

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