Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The one where Chad time travels

This post is coming from the future. Todd and I figured out time travel and I came back to post about it. As it turns out, our blog has become very very successful. Not only is it the number one blog on the net but it also has garnered us some pretty lucrative film and television deals. Todd's photoshop skill was the real kicker for the site. Some of the one's your going to see are great, real ground breaking stuff. Lastly, although it's not ethical to do it, it still resides within my power to change history and affect the future of mankind. Watch out for Canada. Don't trust Canadians and for goodness sakes, watch out for the Canadian troops massing on the border. Be aware of Boxing day 2012!


daartney said...

Welcome back to the present guys

daartney said...

You 2 have been busy.