Sunday, July 30, 2006

The one where Todd thinks HE'S a Robot

All this talk about robots got me starting to think about some of my favorites and some of the really stupid robots. From the sassy little numbers like Rosie on the Jetsons, to the stupid "roger, roger" droids from the slightly less inspired Star Wars prequels. There have been many over the years that we remember fondly and that make us cringe, here are just a few.

The best and the worst of fictional robots

Lt. Commander DtoddAbout the Artist:
Graphic artist, Lt. Commander Dtodd is a well known android and a Starfleet officer. He does many phototages and illustrations as well as drawing and painting in Photoshop. His positronic brain keeps him very busy with so many ideas for new art projects that it would be possible for him to create art for several millennia. He is currently stationed on the USS Shermer a Constipation Class Starship. Where he resides with his wife, Fingercuffs an early model Honda Asimo.

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