Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fake News by Chad #6 (interview transcript)

Special concept engineer Dennis H.
Again, reads like an interview.

Once again we find ourselves in mid July and once again summer camps all across the country are bustling with activity. Campers, children from all walks of life are in the midst of creating memories that last a lifetime. Children in their tweens and teens are swimming, canoing, hiking and singing around the campfire. Unfortunately for some, summer camp is not an option. Whether it be due to lack of tuition money or lack of time, not all boys and girls get to go to summer camp. That is where Chad Nule and Todd Eberson are trying to make a difference . Chad and Todd have started “Virtual Camp USA”. I sat down with the duo to find out just what Virtual Camping was all about.

Gentlemen, explain Virtual Camping

Chad – Well, its like this. Some camps are in Maine, Some are in Pennsylvania and some are in Northern California. What one would you like to go to? Seriously, we can make that happen. For a low cost of 50 dollars we can create a virtual experience at any one of our over 200 virtual camps. You pick your camp, religious affiliation, the activities, your age, your friends, anything.

Todd - We're selling memories.

Chad – Well put my friend.

Todd – The real treat is in the level of detail. Our basic package includes the activities sheet, 3 letters home, a cabin photo with your child's head photoshopped in and a either a leather wrist band , sailors bracelet or boondoggle key chain. Oh, and a camp T-shirt.

Chad – From there the packages increase. We do different modules. We have bunkmate modules where your child gets letters from his or her new friend. Just like in real life we stop sending the letters after a couple weeks. A popular module is the camp girlfriend. You chose from either a blond, brunette or red head and you also get 4 love letters with that. Each describing the relationship.

Todd – It's all PG

Chad – Oh, yeah of course. Unless you sign up for one of our adult packages.

Adult packages?

Chad – Yeah, well some adults never got to go to summer camp. We can facilitate a recreation of a camp experience from any year. If you want it to be a Meatballs type camp in 1982, that's its own module.
We call this one the “First time” package around the office.

And does this seem real to people.

Todd – Oh yeah, we get letters from clients daily praising the realism. Sometimes they find they want even more realism so they buy add on packages to fill in the blanks. Also in keeping with reality all customers know ahead of time that just like real life their child may get homesick and leave camp early

Chad – Yeah, sometimes thats the way life goes. They get half the stuff they ordered.

Todd – All in all people are very pleased with the service. So pleased that most customers order extra summers.

Chad – Quite often for themselves as well. I think my favorite job was creating a virtual camp romance for a couple that had been married for 25 years. They had always dreamed they would meet at a summer camp.

Todd – We made that happen for them.
Are you currently working on any special projects ?
Todd – All the projects are special, some however are more special than others. I think Chad would agree that the “Wheel Chair” Scenario we are working on right now is super.

Chad – Of course! This is a custom workup for a gentleman who wanted the experience of being wheelchair bound. Not only does he get the girl but he also wins the race against the opposing camp. At the end of his experience he is able to walk again.

Thanks you guys, this has been a real pleasure.

When Autumn rolls around and your looking back at summer with a little remorse and thinking to yourself “I could have done so much more”. Remember, you just might be able to go back and fit a few more weeks in.

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