Monday, July 17, 2006

The one where Chad has a funny dream

I had a dream. Not a dream about racial equality (I'm all for that) but a dream about me pushing a sailboat down the street. My daughter, niece and youngest son were in a 15 foot sailboat and I was pushing it down a road. My wife was with me but I pushed the boat by my self. I remember clearly pushing it for a one mile stretch. It pushed easy but I was worried that I was damaging the bottom of the boat. As far as I can remember it didn't have a sail or a mast or rigging but I knew it was a sailboat. That stuff just wasn't on it. It pushed easier through the muddy spots but I didn't like getting my feet dirty. When we got to a road right across from the house I grew up in I turned it as to go down the hill. I remember telling my son to sit down as it would be a fast ride down the street. It was also at this point that I recall my daughter telling me that she didn't want to ride in the boat any more because she was getting tired. I told her to sit back down because I was the one pushing the stinking thing. I remember hearing some sounds while standing in front of the house. They were "air in tree sounds" of some sort. Weird. I woke up before we went down the hill. At some point in the weird boat trip down the street I remember thinking that it was going to be a pain to push back home.
So. Analyze that!

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