Thursday, July 06, 2006

The one where Chad talks about Illegal immigrants

I'll just come right out and say it. I never thought much about illegal immigration before this summer. I guess its one of those "hot button" things that bloggers are supposed to care and write about. I try and stay out of heated political talks and leave that to the people who care.

Now with the release of "Superman Returns" I feel the need to speak out. Let's be honest with ourselves. Superman is an illegal immigrant as far as we know. Did Superman get a work visa or social security card? If so, what issue? I personally don't like that he's holding two identities while in OUR country. Does that mean he gets two votes?
Even if its in an unorganized territory his Fortress of Solitude has to be on taxable land. Is he paying his fair share? I doubt it! Did he even get building permits? Is it even up to code?
Come on people, here is a guy with two identities living in metropolis and paying no taxes there either because he's probably claiming The FOS as his primary residence. A residence I might add that is probably on federally owned land.
Are we going to let some alien make a shanty town in what may or may not be a wildlife preserve?
Lets be fair. Immigrants leaping over fences to come into the country are less of a problem than the one leaping over tall buildings.

Thats my opinion, I don't care about yours.


Todd said...

Chad said...

I hope you don't think that figuring out Celtic Cnots makes you some kind of Photoshop John Nash. Unless your meeting secret government photoshoppers who want you to help them break some kind of dithering secret.

Acutally I am going to be inducted into the bicubic brotherhood at midnight.

Todd said...

I had a yard sale this weekend. Across the street was a 3 day festival so I took advantage of that. There was tons of Porteguese food and games and rides and stuff like that. And you'll love this, my first customer: A Carnie, he spent 10 bucks! So you can feel avenged now. I took a carnie for 10 smackers.