Monday, July 24, 2006

Plan 4 Presents : Tales From the Blue Collar!

“Tales from blue collar”
Introducing , Petey the Repairman

So I was going to fix this Whirlpool stackable that was making this wicked stench. I figured this would be a sweat job as it was just downa Copley and I wasn't far from there anyway. So I go ovah. I figured this was like a sock or some other junk up in the belts and all I would have to do is just bang it outa there and be done with it.

When I get there the woman who called is all friggin hysterical and screaming some shit about space and swirling lights. I'm thinkin already this woman is a friggin hoopie you know?

Ok, so I got up and check out the stackable. It's just a standard Whirlpool but geez, when I open the dryer part its like lookin in a toilet full of used green death. It was just a spinning bunch of green shit and it looked about a million miles deep. I knew what it was o'course, this woman's dryer had opened up a hole in the space time continuem. I know about that junk because I seen it once before when I was fixing a Daystar washa downa southie that this lady kept putting dishes in but not getten em out.
Sure enough she had this same kinda space hole going on down they. Well there's not much I can do to repair the fabric of time, I just don't have the tools ya know? So I tell the woman, look call the boy's up a Havahd and tell em you got some science gahbidge they might want and maybe they'll give you some cash for it. So that was it. Then I went to Dunkie's.

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