Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The one where Chad solves pollution

I am surprised to find just how many people don't have a clue as to how the waste stream flows. We buy and throw. Sometimes we buy and throw and have a pang of guilt when we think about just how wasteful we are. After 9 years in the waste industry I think I've found some solutions I can share. I've planned and laid out a simple walk through guide that will make it clear to anyone, just what happens to the trash you throw away. At every step, twist, and bend in the stream I'll show you just how we can divert that waste so that it goes to a better destination. With a little effort we can cut the waste stream in half in just a few months. Millions of tons of waste can be put to good use. This is what I do for a living.
Since this is what I do for a living I don't want to talk about it. Sure I have the answers. Sure I could show you all kinds of cool pictures but I don't want to. I'd rather talk about how cool it would be to own a boat. Sure, I've got the answers, but I'm just one man. What can I do? Plus I don't get paid for knowing the answers. Now, Back to the boat I don't have.
I really want a boat big enough to sleep in. I'm thinking no less than 24'. I would rather have a 30' boat. It's got to be a sail boat with a diesel engine as well. I don't need anything super fast or sleek. I just need a boat with solid rigging and a roomy head. Why do I need a boat? Well, duh, so I can go out on it in the water and entertain dignitaries and movie stars. I'm sure a larger yacht would be better for entertaining but the dignitaries and movie stars I would associate with appreciate the quaintness. I also want to watch the 4th of July fireworks from a bay. For all of my non US readers, 4th of July is “Independence day” Yes, just like the movie title. Click, you got it.
Ok, So my boat. The only thing that keeps me from owning it is the money. See, my money is in someone else's bank account right now. I just don't know who and they don't know its mine. Man, if I had a nice boat like that I could call in to work sick and then go meet Todd for coffee. In New Bedford. (yes, I realize I could drive). The possibilities are endless. I can picture it now. Me and the family cruising up and down the coast on our sweet little sailboat.
I'd also settle for a motor home.

Wanted: Free sailboat or motor home. NO JUNK!

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