Thursday, November 30, 2006

The one where Chad cries tears of joy.

Today is a special day. A day my mouth has been waiting for and my body has been dreading. Today folks, is Tim Hortons day!

Today is the day that in Newport, the first local Timmy's is opening. Wow! to think a Timmys close to me! I feel like I've moved to the big time eh. I feel like I'm in Moose Jaw. This is the biggest thing since they repaved Rt. 2.

I'll be going over later to get a box of something or other and maybe a coffee. I hope to take Constable Frasier over with me for a couple cool photo ops. I hope they have some nice Tim Horton free giveaways. Kind of like the healthcare system.

Remember, everyone is Canadian on Tim Hortons day!

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