Friday, December 01, 2006

The one where Chad makes slogans

People make a lot of money creating slogans. My problem is that I don't come up with good ones. Here is a list of slogans that didn't make me famous or rich.

"The world is our workplace, specifically the part of the world that exists in the 30 yard open
top dumpster behind K-Mart"

"Children: It's whats for dinner"

"I want to be uriney"

"Our Product is the best: SOLD AS IS"

"You've found a winner, but it's not us"

"Be the best, make up for our worst"

"Dependability, Organization, Value, Pride. Not here buddy."

"Our Skill cannot be any more overvalued"

"No, no we can't"

"When nobody wants to be disappointed. Nobody counts on us"

"There are people who can do the job better than us, let us show you how"

"You need it done now, Oh, yeah, see, thats not exactly how we work"

"You need it done and you need it done right. Your asking to much."

"Success. Aim Lower."

"You chose us?"

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