Monday, November 13, 2006

The one where Chad talks about random topics

Some random topics that have not formulated themselves into full posts.

1. I wish that they guys who did the "Spitting Image" show in the UK would do it again. Spitting Image was the series that used the puppets more commonly known to US viewers from the Genesis video "Land of Confusion".

3. Sometimes I accept Myspace friends,sometimes I don't. I pick and chose but there seems to be no "method to the madness". I work with a guy who kept asking, finally I blocked him. Did the same to my friend Dave. Why? Don't know.

4. I like the song "Our House" by Madness.

5. I've been working on the "Constable Frazier show". Got the set built and am waiting for the Timmy's in Newport to open.

6. Found an issue of "National Lampoon" from 1973. Wish I had read this as a child. I got to read MAD and CRACKED but never had this around. Cracked kind of sucked.

7. I'm afraid of falling asleep in public as I snore quite loudly.

7. I am starting to get an itching and burning. I get it right before I feel the need to do a video thing. I need to do something BIG, Bigger than that damn albatross around my neck called "The Mouse". I just can't seem to hit those numbers again.

8. I have two 7's because I started typing in the "working backup" I put in Word Pad. I just kept it. Oddly though, I never had a "Hey, I've been here to #7 before" feeling.

9. I enjoy A-Ha's "Take on Me". The band at the Umaine hockey games does a great version of it. Who knows, they may do it at basketball games too. I wouldn't know, baskettball sucks and I don't go.

10. I have a habit of not labeling CD's. I just figure, I'll know whats on it... I have resorted to looking at a cd on the bottom to see how much data is burned. If its full, its video content or a whole CD of mp3's. If its just a little data, its most likely one TV show or a handfull of songs I was in the mood to hear.

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