Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The one where Chad makes it up on the fly

I usually write my posts out in advance. Sometimes, I'm a few days ahead. Today I'm live writing so to speak.
I voted yesterday. I don't know why I bothered, there wasn't anybody running that I wanted for anything. The choices for Maine governor were all lackluster at best. I can't believe this is the best Maine can do for candidates. John Baldacci won with just 38%. Shit B. 62% of the people DON'T want you! If a solid, real thinker, doer, well liked candidate showed up just a week before the election Baldacci would be back at the restaurant washing dishes.

John E. Baldacci 175399 38.44%

Chandler E. Woodcock 135314 29.65%

Barbara Merrill 96536 21.15% Good showing for an independent.

Patricia H. LaMarche 44936 9.85% Had this woman as a teacher in college. She had one great idea I thought and thats why she got my vote. I liked the one idea. Too bad people still think of this Lamarche when they see her name on the ballot.

''Driving drunk is like the scarlet letter of the '90s'' LaMarche

She's quite right. I hope she continues to press on with the ideas she brought to the table.

Phillip Morris NaPier 4152 0.91% By the way, this guy is a convicted felon who's biggest ideas were to A. Pardon all the felons and B. Abolish Income Tax.

I'll start planning my run now.

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