Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The one where Todd giggles whenever someone says POLL

I had lunch in the shadow of the Bunker Hill Monument. I ate my leftover cold pork chop a few yards from the spot that General Warren bled out. The Brittish won a phyrric (took the field but suffered the most casualties) victory in the Battle of Bunker Hill and took the Charlestown penninsula of Boston. The "red coats" were unable to recoup their losses however, and it was the turning point in the war for independence. We won that one.

Being there gave me the ambition I needed to go vote I feel silly every time I vote, but I do it anyway. Why do I feel silly? Every single person I vote for in Massachusetts WILL lose.
No machines in Middleboro, no lever, no touch screen, no hanging chads, just a paper ballot and a Sharpie. The dark shadow in the lower right corner is the belt clip on my cell phone/camera.
I noticed that there is no hubub about voters being suppressed here in Massachusetts because the politcians who complain about that are the ones who have this state locked up. It's only the close "R" victories where "irregularities" are alleged. I walked in with a camera and started shooting pictures no one seemed to care. I didn't get asked for an ID, I didn't even give the right address. I was also dissapointed about not getting to dip my finger in purple dye, like they get to do in Iraq. Good old Photoshop helped me out there though.
That's one handsome voter!

P. S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures today. I only had my phone camera today. I think the image processor on my LG flip camera phone is a potato(e) chip. As opposed to the 6.0 megapixel CCD on my Canon Power Shot S3 IS. Boo-YA!

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