Monday, November 06, 2006

The one where Chad fakes his name

I started using fake names for myself when I was younger. Never for nefarious purposes, but mostly just for fun, calling radio stations, magazine subscriptions etc. I forgot most of the names but I've been Alan, Eddie and recently, Chad Nule. One of my first names I used was Paul Blankenship. I used that one quite a bit. Just this week I have been listening to public radio on my rides to and from work. Aside from loving the fair and balanced reporting of NPR and BBC radio, I like the music. There is a guy announcing early morning named Scott Blankenship. I thought I had made that last name up but as it turns out it really is a name, and quite a popular name as well. When I used Blankenship it was P.G. (Pre Google). Now I'll have to make up a new one.
Here we go,
Edward X. Foxhilderson

Foxhilderson does not bring up ANY hits so I think I'm safe. I should get volunteers to create a whole family of Foxhildersons. Make up fake news, events, statements. Then make a family tree. Then take over the world. The Foxhildersons could be whatever we wanted.
How cool would it be that the "Foxhilderson" family pops up overnight and out of nowhere. Maybe I'm the only one who thinks this is cool. If you join the Foxhilderson family let me know. Perhaps I'll set up a Foxhilderson Corp website.

Edward X. Foxhilderson IV.

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