Friday, November 03, 2006

P4 October highlight reel

10/1: Todd posts about the greedy pumpkin farmers.
10/3: The premiere of the P4 RPG
10/4: Post 100 YT post of screen tests for prospective characters.
10/5: Chad discusses the rabbit ear reception. A rare topic in the post-cable age.
10/9: Chad takes that pious Christopher Columbus down a peg. I say it's about time, I mean Home Alone was pretty good, but what have you done for us lately.
10/11: The omni and the caper. I think that about covers it.
10/15: The Plan 4 clip show spectacular.
10/19: In between conversation inserts, Chad pukes up hotdogs.
10/22: Carmel to Hampden: the movie.
10/25: Pre-screening of KNIGHT ROOMBA
10/26: Hollow weenie, cheesy story posted by Chad. But that good kind of cheesy story, and then Chad puked up the hollow weenie. Those darn Sanford permanent inks, they don't digest very well.
10/30: Git yer deer yet? Trigger lock post from Chad.
10/31: A Veryfine post from Chad. I also remember the school vending machine. The one in my high school had very fine back in the day. I always got the 12oz. can of YooHoo, yum, I used to drink it on the way home with a Hershey's "Bar None" bar, now taken out of service. I loved those things.
Too lazy to type out all those links. If you want to read the posts again you know where to look.

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