Sunday, November 12, 2006


I own a Siberian Husky. One particular trait that this breed has is a propensity to kill or attempt to kill smaller animals. On the 22nd, my dog tried to do just that. A skunk walked up to her (she's on a run) and she (my dog) thought it was playtime, and it was for a while. Play time consisted of jumping around and biting the skunk and then when the skunk tried to leave, playtime consisted of grabbing the skunk by the neck and tossing it into the air.

"Old Yeller" Duh...

Playtime now turned into kill time. The skunk never got killed because it managed to hobble off. Of course, it goes without saying it sprayed everywhere during playtime. Funny thing is the dog never cared that it was getting sprayed. Lucky for me I work at a landfill and have access to industrial deodorizer. It worked well. This all happened after 10 AM.
Here's where the fun begins for me. Because I could not get the skunk we have to assume it was rabid. Being out at 10 AM and hearing that it made visits to 4 other homes I have no doubt it was.

Great moment in Childrens film making.

This is the process I have to go through now. She has current rabies vaccination. I now only have to do a simple strict quarantine of 45 days. It can be done either, In the house or in a garage. Ok. I remember pretty clearly Old 'Yeller being locked in a shed for observation. He wasn't brought in to play with the kids... I can also send her to a state approved kennel. I'd put the dog down before I paid out that kind of money for a kennel. She's 13 and has always been an outdoor dog. It also seems quite inumane to bring a dog with that kind of a winter coat into a 72 degree house.

Neither the Animal Control Office or the Vet and the Game Warden have mentioned what risks there might be to my family. They both been much more concerned with her transmitting it to other animals.
So the dog is in lockdown until December 22. If she gets the hydrophobia you better believe I'll be posting about that. I wish someone would create a cool “RABIES WATCH” logo. OH, I could find a count down clock. If I find one it will be over there on the right ---->

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