Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The one where Chad says "I'm not dead"

I have not posted in a while. The lack of posts is not because I have not wanted to, or had good material but because I did not want to nor did I have good material. Oh. Wait. Actually I was on vacation. Now that I'm no longer on vacation I have that "I don't want to get back to work" mentality.

Thanksgiving was great, I ate tons, I had all the pie I wanted and then I puked up hot dogs.

How about some previews? I'm working on a "Heroes" post. Don't expect much new to come of it, that show is great and everyone knows it.

Todd has some cool stuff "in the can" as we Pro's like to say.

I have not found Heidi G's current location yet but I think I will this month. ( not likely as I like the watch so much I think I'll keep it.)

I think we are due for a mysterious Man in the fire post. Probably something to do with a certain MMORPG...Wait, just had a great idea. Don't want to spoil it.

The premier of the Constable Frasier show! (currently in contract negotiations with my dog) The set is built. Frasier is busy now with hunting season.

Speaking of dog, she will be on the outside this month so look forward to the big dog release party.

So there you have it, despite the rumors, I'm not dead.

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