Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The one where Todd slams a childhood hero

I have always loved Billy Joel's music. My neighbor Mike and I used to play his parents albums and our favorite was Billy Joel. I played the guitar (tennis raquet) and he played the piano (window sill) we knew all the words and sang along with Billy.
2 wives 3 DUIs and 6 Grammys later and he still has it. He's a little creepy lately, but I still like to listen to his music. I was at a party last weekend and the piano singalong started up and when they got to Billy Joel songs I was THERE singing along again. All I needed was a tennis raquet to jam along and the nostalgia would have been so strong, I would have passed out. Just like Billy, HA!

*I felt bad about that last post and had to counter. I did a little writing to go with it. I don't feel bettter though, damn.

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