Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Premier of "The Last Dance"

About a year and a half ago (7 in internet years) , Todd and I decided to get off our asset's and do some film work. We devised a loose plot and no script then filmed it. Not really film, Digital 8. Well it took me a year and a half to finish it (4 months in film making years). The biggest reason as I mentioned, Loose plot, no script etc. We had fun and we learned a lot and that's the real reason for doing it. So here it is, "The Last Dance" Oh, by the way, if you watch this and say, "Wow, they stole that" or "I've seen that someplace before" your absolutely correct. We stole like hell in the name of paying homage.

* Edit * I can't help but think that even if we had finished this a year ago I might not have done anything with it. Youtube was not as big and I wasn't blogging as much as I am now so it makes sense to do it now. Thanks Youtube. Your the grandest.

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