Monday, September 18, 2006

The one where Chad talks about spinach

Mmmm, spinach. I love spinach. Now spinach is not so good for you (temporarily). This should not have caught us by surprise. We did have a guide in all this and we didn't listen to him.


Did you ever see popeye eat a bag of spinach? No! It was canned spinach! We went astray. Turn back to the old way's of canned spinach goodness! Why didn't we listen? We all watched him squeeze open cans and suck it up with his pipe. We saw the strength and the wonders he did, but still we turned from the way's we knew. Repent and go back to the can! 109 allready. How many more must become sick?

If I was a guy buying stocks in spinach right now, I'd invest in Allen's spinach. They make "Popeye's" spinach and its canned. Buy spinach. Canned. It's the only natural way.

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