Monday, September 11, 2006

The one where Chad breaks wind

I got to work this morning and chatted with a guy about sailing. This chat led me to wonder what the PSI of wind was at 1mph. I thought this would be interesting to know as you could apply it as a rule of thumb for boating safety.

I figured, If you had a crew/ cargo of lets say 400 lbs and you knew that you had 300 pounds of force applied to the sail at a 1 mph wind you would be in little danger of being tipped over. I know there are many more variables than just that.

If the wind changed to 2 mph you'd be in danger as you had 600 pounds of force being applied. Most likely still well within the safety zone as the boat itself has a certain amount of weight plus the force on the keel. Blah blah blah.

Note, these numbers are just for example only.

I thought too, if you did know all this it would help you understand just how much to lean over the side against the wind to multiply your weight. I would love to see exactly what this all looked like when spread out in formula. Hopefully Numb3rs covers it this season. David Krumholtz really explains things nicely.

In the end I decided this would be the rule of thumb. Your going to tip over. Wear a life jacket.

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