Thursday, September 07, 2006

The one where Chad says _______ is the new ______.

I like this “________ is the new ________” concept because it's so retarded. It's as retarded as the word Blogosphere. Don't add the word “Blog” to anything. Except this, Blogtard. I thought I just made that up but a quick google search tells me otherwise.

What little research I have done on this, which is none, tells me opposites work best.

Let's try it out. Hate is the new Love. Ok, sure, thats fun.

Here's another. Not using the opposite. Blogging is the new retardation.

Ok, now we are getting the hang of it. Wood is the new plastic...

Try it out yourself, here is a pre-made form you can cut and past into your own crappy writing.

__________ is the new __________.

There you go.
By the way. I use the word retard, tard and retardation to mean this sense. “Humanity getting to point Z but then relapsing in intellect to point H.” It is not used to refer to anyone with a mental handicap. If you take it that way than you are retarded.

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