Thursday, September 14, 2006

The one where Chad does more crappy writing. (Mr. V)

I started watching NBC's “The Office”. I always get to shows late in the game and I only really have time for a few television series' in my life anyway. So season two seems much more interesting to me. They really seemed to hit a good stride. I do find myself comparing it to the original BBC version and I think thats unfair. I'm a big fan of Paul Feig as well

Ok, Chad took a break. This is Mr. Vintage. What is this crap about? Man, doesn't this guy have a job to be doing? No wonder he's stuck in the middle of nowhere at a life sucking dead end job. He's wasting his time writing about a lousy sitcom. Chad, let me do you a favor. Here is the kick in the seat meat you've needed. Get a life. Get off your can and do some real work for once in your life. Quit waiting for your lucky break. Breaks don't happen for losers. That's why you got me. So, do some work, and leave the DVD write ups for the goatee wearing fat white guys with pony tails. Oh. Wait a minute. Thats you. I'll do you the favor of posting this for you while your gone. Oh, and under your name. Don't leave yourself signed in jerk.

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