Monday, September 11, 2006

P4 Month in review: August

Tue. 01: Chad bitches about his CD going missing, or possibly stolen 10 years ago.

Fri. 04: Vacation is posted while we "re-group" and enjoy a little R&R D&D and maybe a little T&A. It's no big deal we just had to go away for while and. . . dream it all up again.

Fri. 04: The first vacation post. Chad gets BFed at the NH tolls and the kids put on their hard hats for the drive through the . debut, the very first P4 video post was a somewhat anti-climactic scene of a bundle of being lit.

Mon. 14: Back from vacation and posting furiously. Chad discusses through the consumption of .

Tue. 15: Audio post of a guy jumping over the "cliff" into a pit of molten magma, tagged with a shameless promo for TbL. Later that day: another vacation post about all of the "Fantastic Voyages" of the disc.

Wed. 16: Chad posts about parenting and the great war.

Thur. 17: Todd posts the results of his survey and is shocked to find out he was not Guinan's weave, as he hoped, but instead turned out to be Kahn's man-boobs. Another post that day from Chad about his boring beast-free town.

Fri. 18: Podcast, , that Todd's daughter really enjoyed.

Mon. 21: MOUSE DAY!! This is our shining achievment for the month of August. The debut of the series known as "the mouse" As of this posting the total "stupid" views are up to almost 41,000. I had nothing to do with this video whatsoever it was all Chad, but I am very proud of it nonetheless.

Tue. 22: Busy day, there were 3 (three) posts that day. There was the Google Ad(makes no)sense post. We got the spider to put up a link to something called "Racist Ringtones" I never clicked on it, I guess in my naivete I thought it was ringtones that had to do with racing; nascar, track & field et. al. The post ended with a short transcript of a scene witnessed on vacation about the "grossest thing you'll never want to taste" I kinda liked son of Chad's . My own answer would be somewhat different. I think the grossest thing I would never want to taste is used strip. The next post was about Chad's call to the Master Food Corporation's quality and information "hotline" where he through his conversation with Maria about how "satisfying" nuts were. Later that self-same day was the triumphant debut of the mysterious man in the fire who babbled about some club, and gained the love of many folks the world over. Since then the fan mail has been pouring in.

Wed. 23:
Two videos were posted: Chuck's "beautiful" day, and the one where Mom always said, "don't play light saber in the house." This was the first post which contained . The following were not credited: and , I'm sure they are not suffering for want of the royalties from these two very short videos. However if payment is required, they have been more than compensated by the respect and admiration from all of here at P4. If any further payment is neccesary, then U2 can piss off! and George can go eat a big pile of bantha poodoo.

Fri. 26: Todd suggested we and posted a screenshot from the version of P4.

Sun.27: post of the second installment of "the mouse".

Mon. 28: v. Cruz v.

Tue. 29: menace: the Mysterious Man in the Fire answers fan mail

Thur. 31: Chad's filler post about being a "silly" internet celebrity.

That about wraps up the month of August here at the Plan 4 blog. If you find any broken links you can just wipe your butt with'em. Do a damn google search.

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