Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The one where Chad starts to crack

My wedding day was June 15th 1996. I'm not going to talk about my wedding. I'm going to talk about what happened during the reception afterwards. Something happened that only one person knows the answer to. There is a mystery that needs solving. A crime was committed against me and I can't prove anything. Something was stolen from me. The answer is out there. Someone has the knowledge of that days events. Someone knows Who stole my Counting Crows “August and Everything After” CD.

I remember having the CD the night before and I remember having it the day of the wedding. It was in a CD player on the deck. Someone, at some point took the CD out of the player. For years I kept the empty case. I guess I had hoped that someday someone would send me an envelope with my missing CD in it. I though I had overcome the grief. Only just this week has the wound been reopened.

My wife repurchased the album at a local thrift store. I've forgotten what a good CD it was. Sure, I've had a few stolen MP3's from that record in my play lists but I haven't had the entire work. I've had 10 years of my life, 10 years of special time with that record taken from me. I can only imagine how much things would be different if “Raining in Baltimore” or “Anna Begins” had been a regular part of my life. This record should have been there when my children were born, when they walked, when I had my triumphs and when I had my defeats.

I'll never get this time back. I want whomever took this CD from me to know...

I'm coming for you.

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