Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The one where Chad talks about Google

Google adsense has me stumped. I saw this ad on here the other day. How did it figure this ad made any sense to show on Plan 4? Does this mean we are going to be targeted by crazies and nutjobs? We can only hope I guess.
I think an appropirate experiment would be to put as many off the wall statements as possible just to get weird ads.
Sorry for leaving it as a BMP. I just didn't feel like changing it. Todd can if he wants to.

On another note.

I don't have much this morning. Here is a short conversation that I heard while on vacation. Boy 1 is a cousin and Boy2 is my son.

Boy 1. "What's the grossest thing you'll never want to taste"
Boy 2. "Human"
Boy 1. "I was thinking 'Porta Potty' water.

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