Friday, August 11, 2006

The one where Chad goes on vaca. Part 1

So the vacation was on. We drove the 8 million miles it takes to get out of Maine and into Cow Hampshire. Here is the largest bridge in the world. I think.

The New Hampshire slice of I95 is interesting. The charge you a whopping 1.00. One whole buck for a 14 mile stretch of road. Full of outrage, I paid the toll attendant with nickels and dimes. I think she knew I was mad.

That's Boston. I couldn't help but wonder if those where target advertisements on the side of the bridge.

More Boston. If you look closely you'll see the names of the Red Sox fans who have spot's reserved on the edge of the bridge.

The new "Tip O'Neill" tunnel is pretty nice. I really do like it. The kids loved the hard hat's that are now mandatory for all users of the Big Dig.

We dodged and swerved around debris and concrete chunks and arrived at our destination.

You might notice that there is a special guest sitting in that blue chair. My family thought it would be nice to take a someone special on the trip. We chose to take a CED disk of the film "Fantastic Voyage" Learn about CED, RCA and Selectavison! I'll be posting soon about the fun and adventure the CED disk and our family had.

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