Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The one where Chad starts to get addicted to YouTube

This video stems from finding a cool looking club at work. Well, it's not a club actually but rather a table leg. It's the kind of thing that looks like its out of some kind of a adventure game like "Dragon Warrior" or "Dragon Warrior II". Well, here is how wished I had found it. A frightening ghost like guardian of the club.
The fire, that's from a gas extraction flare at work. Me,I shot using a negative effect on the camera along with the night vision on. I slowed the flame down, added blurring and grain to my face part, added wah wah, pitch shift and chorus to my voice. Of course I messed with the opacity and alpha channels to get the images to blend well. My apologies to Wil Wheaton and David Duchovny.
I'm really starting to love YouTube.
Here's "Fox's Club"

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