Thursday, August 17, 2006

The one where Chad talks about his town.

I live in a sleepy little American town in central Maine. The very same Maine that today is headlining the news with stories of mutant hybrid creatures of the night. A true "Mystery Beast". I wanted to capitalize on the world wide appeal of monsters but I don't have anything to say about it. So, Here is the morning I spent in my sleepy little town.

The town, Carmel, has a population of about 2200 people. It's small.

I started by taking my returnable bottles to the redemption center here in town. Maine has a .05 cent deposit. While I was at the redemption center / Husqvarna dealer, I chatted with both the owner and his very lively dogs. We talked shop for a while until it was my turn to have my bottles counted. The attendant told me about the Red Sox package he won on a scratch off ticket. Man, lucky guy. He's going to get a Big Pappi signed jersey and some other swag. We also chatted about records, (Vinyl) and 8 track tapes. He has a collection of classic country. Awesome.
With my cash in hand (13.25) I drove back into the village. I decided to take some of the money and spend it at a local convenience store. The Village Market to be more precise. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw one of my baseball players from this summer. He was across the lot with his sister at a thrift store that has just opened up. I asked him if he was going to play ball again next summer and he said "yes". We also chatted quick about the summer and going back to school.
I went in to the store and picked up a Dasani Lemon water from the back cooler. This store is one of the anchors of my child hood. It has supplied me with many things over the years. Everything from Nails, to Pop Rocks. The Owner was behind the meat counter today and I asked him about the current sale of the establishment. Apparently the sale isn't going well but it's not over yet. I'd hate to see new owners only because I fear change.
I brought the Dasani to the counter and a young girl rang it up. I could not help but notice she wore a "Seniors 06" T-shirt. I went to the same high school she goes to. Except 11 years ago.
I left the store and hollered a good bye to my ball player and headed home. On my way home I drove past my sister and brother in laws house. I stopped the Jeep in the street and hollered up to the builders on the roof. "Hey, it's crooked!" "Get a job you bum!" he hollered back. I started back up the road home. I couldn't help but think about the last 45 minutes and that it had been Quintessential little town and I never even noticed it was happening.
So there you go. No wild animals and no mutated beasts here to report of.

But here are some awesome pictures of it!!!!! (Five exclamation marks proves awesomeness)


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