Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I purchased a Snickers Almond bar today. I could not help but notice that the wrapper clearly states "NOW MORE SATISFYING!" but it does not say why.

I knew that the Plan 4 readers needed to know the secret to this new found satisfaction.
The wrapper has a number to call for questions or comments. 1-800-551-0702. It's available M-F 8:30AM -5 PM. I figured this was a great place to find my answers.

Calling the number led me to the Master Food USA quality and information blah blah blah.
The information was presented to me in a typical phone fashion. I could have chosen many functions but chose not to. If you would like information on peanut free candy, sugar free, and gluten free candies you could also get that information here. What I wanted was to know the key to satisfaction.

I chose 0 and was put on hold. I was on hold for less than two minutes. Apparently less people are calling about candy than say, Adelphia cable interruptions. When I reached the next available representative, I spoke with Maria.

Maria was very pleasant to speak with. It was as if she volunteered to answer the phone and give me the information I needed. I'd call back just to chat.
Here is how the call went. Mostly.

"Hi, My name is Chad, I was wondering if you could tell me what was done to the snickers almond bar to make it more satisfying."

"Certainly", she said.

Maria explained...
The Snickers Almond bar did not contain peanuts until recently, May to be exact. In May the recipe was changed to include peanuts in the nougat layer. You may notice that under the brown stripe it says "This product contains peanuts", before May it stated "This product may contain peanuts".

"So", I asked, "peanuts were added to the recipe to enhance the satisfaction?"

"Yes" Maria said.

Well, there was my answer. I thanked Maria and shared my name and Zip code so the NSA can track my candy consumption.

I was a little let down that the secret to satisfaction was "Just add peanuts". I must say, the answer was looking at me all the time. As a kid, the commercial said "Snickers satisfies me" or some load like that. Well, if Snickers already satisfies than it makes sense to make the almond version be closer to the original recipe. Huh, thats great.

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