Thursday, August 31, 2006

The one where Chad makes a filler post...

So you want to be an Internet celebrity?

I thought I'd make some comments on recent events on the Plan 4 farm. I spent some quality time with a cheap Aiptek pen cam and made "the mouse". Little did I know what kind of fame and fortune it would lead to. I put it on Youtube and Thus far, Youtube has it as being viewed about 200 times. I'm not sure if repeat viewings by the same IP address count. If they do, that means about 3 people viewed it. On it got put on the front page in the 50 newest column. To date, that has achieved nearly 30,000 views. While the views garnered us a few hits, the linking from brought in the most traffic. The best part about the stupid videos listing was the one single email I received. I'd post all of it but its gone. In a nutshell this is what it said.

"We see you have a lot of views on your video. We have like 8 vids and have good reviews but nobody is viewing them, can you help us get at least to the Silly level." (Silly level is 1000 plays).

I could not make myself use the bad grammar and broken English that was contained in the email. I told them I would do what I could and in true Hollywood fashion did jack shit. You want views? Make something entertaining jerk. Wow. I felt like a real king. I have really made it someplace. I've got desperate pleas for help in making someone else famous and now I'm talking shit about them.

I also got an email about "the mouse II" a higher quality more effects laden prothat'son thats sitting around 60 views. Due to privacy concerns I'll say the email said this, "Wow, that's cool!"
That was an hawesome email to get.

Overall, "he mouse" led to the largest single readership growth of the blog. Now its time to move on and prove we are not one hit wonders. I think Todd and I will be lip synching some songs and jumping around on our beds as that seems to be the going thing on Youtube. A second option is for us to ride bikes off ramps and bust our balls doing Jackass type stuff and submit that to stupid videos.

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