Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fake news by Chad and Todd #14

Massachusetts - FBI agents uncovered what appears to be a new breed of terrorist sleeper cell. A COOKS safe house in down town Middleboro was where agents found a lab used for weaponizing peanut oil. The COOKS, (Culinary Order Of Killing Stuff) were on the verge of deploying what some experts are calling a sophisticated recipe for disaster. Agents are also quick to point out that this has nothing to do with the film “Recipe for Disaster” starring John Larroquette and Lesley Ann Warren.

The peanut oil has been chemically changed to be not only lethal to those with peanut allergies, but any human with skin.

Although COOK members had refined the process and had working weapons grade peanut oil, internal strife kept if from being deployed.

FBI representative Special Agent Todd Mulder explains, “ It seems that half of the group wanted to use it in the creation of a main dish, and some thought it better used in preparing a side dish. Even among the two sides there was disagreement as to what wine to serve with it. It's just a case of to many cooks you know?”

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