Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mr. Vintage doesn't like you.

Well who says you can't go home again? Well, In my case, my house is within 200 feet of a school so I can't... All in all it's good to be back with the team. I look forward to being used as a marketing tool again. Really, there is nothing like having yourself Photoshoped into infamy. Just ask Rosie and Katie, the cankle twins. Hey ladies the camera adds ten pounds, Photoshop is for taking them off. Deal with it. And really, great job on your respective shows. I didn't watch, but I'm sure you were fine. Look who you replaced.

One thing I didn't miss was hanging around Chad and Todd when the start laughing. These two guys never stop. It would be one thing if they were laughing at something funny but its just a constant barrage of Obscure movie references and Simpsons imitations. If I have to hear a poorly imitated Ralph Wiggum "Me fail English, that's unpossible" one more time I'm going to stuff a plush Bart Simpson doll down both of their throats. Even the original jokes aren't that good. It's like being around the Car Talk guys. They just keep laughing at the stupidest stuff. I won't even take phone calls from them on Saturday mornings for fear that they may be listening to Car Talk at the time. To hear all 4 of them laughing at themselves would drive me to erase myself.

Here is a joke for you guys, "What's long, dry and not 'red' at all?" Answer, YOUR BLOG!

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